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This week marks a personal mileage best for me since I sprained my ankle… and its my first double digit week. I ran a huge 11 miles! That used to be a cutback week for me.

At least I’m running. And I’m also doing better on running than I was at this time last year when I was dealing with shin splints. Winter running is just so hard since I don’t do snow/extreme cold and also right now I don’t do dark even though I now have a headlamp.

I also ran my longest run since October when I logged 4.5 miles on Thursday. Maybe this week I’ll run 5. Though it doesn’t matter as much how soon I get my runs up. The Rock The Parkway Half in Kansas City sold out on Friday. I was aware it would sell out, but I don’t think anyone expected it to sell out this soon! I’m disappointed but relieved. I was doubting if I could be ready for a half that soon. I think even if I hadn’t had my sprained ankle, I just can’t run enough in the winter to be ready for a half in April.

We’re still planning a trip to Kansas City, and if we still decide to go that weekend I’ll run the 5K. Now I’m setting my sights on the Green Bay half. That one will sell out too, but I think I have a little more time. I hope I have more time!

I’m happy with my running progress. I think I’ll be able to run the 10K at the Shamrock Shuffle! I’ll still work on getting my mileage up, but I don’t feel the pressure to increase my long runs so quickly. I’m considering adding a fourth running day in February, though that may be delayed until I can get outside again. It depends on my tolerance for the treadmill. Right now I’m in a pretty good rhythm of running Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. I’ve had my Thursday run be my longest of the week since I rest two days afterward. I made last Tuesday more of a speedy run and may do the same this week.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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