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This is really our food from the last two weeks. Allie gave me a Food Network desk calendar for my birthday, which inspired me to try new things in cooking this year. We’ve tried several new things in the last couple weeks as well as kept with the simple staples in an effort to avoid going out to eat as well as to eat better.

For the last two weeks, this included three great recipes from the Food Network.

Most recently, we had Chinese Peppered Pork Chops on Wednesday. No links to this recipe, but I took pictures!

These were really easy and very tasty. I enjoyed using my new skillet that I got for Christmas! The pork chops marinate for a half hour in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, salt, pepper and one or two other spices and then are cooked. We paired the chops with green beans and instant mashed sweet potatoes. I didn’t give Allie any though because they were a bit spicy. Allie had leftover macaroni and cheese instead.

Last week we had two dishes from the Food Network calendar. First up was Turkey meatballs with whole wheat spaghetti and red pepper tomato sauce. This made a very tasty tomato and pepper sauce and was pretty easy to make. The meatballs didn’t strike my fancy much at first because I just don’t care for ground turkey. But I liked them better when I had the leftovers. I think some of the flavors came out more. I made the meatballs without the spinach because I had it but forgot to thaw it. I was a little concerned that the meatballs didn’t cook all the way through so I cooked it a bit longer than the recipe said. One meatball looked like it wasn’t done, but the rest were fine. This was very tasty and I will make it again.

Another highlight from last week that we enjoyed was oven fried chicken. I’ve tried to make breaded pork chops in the past and failed, but the oven fried chicken turned out perfectly! I have this on my radar to try with pork chops.

I’ve found some good stuff in the Food Network calendar! There wasn’t anything last week though. Some of the stuff is just too fancy or too much work. I was about to say I’m keeping up with trying new dishes each week, but I’ve planned all thing we’ve had before this week. But I am getting out recipes we haven’t had in awhile. I do have some baking planned though, some strawberry banana muffins that are new! I’ll get some new dinners next week.

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