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I love our children’s museum membership. We don’t take advantage of it nearly enough. But we did yesterday. This time Mama and Dada mostly hung back and let Allie go where she wanted to. Its so neat how she discovers new things every time we go!

Driving the cart… I think the animal pulling it may be an ox, but I really don’t know. Allie didn’t care what was pulling it, she just enjoyed pulling on the reins!

Playing in the little baby area… Allie liked bouncing as well as the pictures on the wall and the aquarium in the background.

Allie found the water fountain… and kept going back. Between the water fountain and the water room, her shirt was soaked!

She really loved watching the birds race down the poles.

Then it was time to go upstairs!

This big table is a model of Madison with all kinds of blocks to build the city and cars to drive on the streets. Allie was building and driving in Lake Monona!

 And of course we had to stop by the paint wall.

She was way more interested in the squee-gee though!

Then it was time to wash hands… Allie liked the soap and used a lot of it.

There were a couple refrigerator fronts with a whole bunch of magnetic words. Of course Allie can’t read yet, but she likes magnets! We need to get some magnets for our fridge.

Outside the art studio there’s a “car” for kids to drive. Allie wasn’t interested in driving though. She wanted Mama to drive and she just rode.

Right before we went home Allie took a ride on this puppy.

Allie would have stayed all day if we’d let her. But it was a good thing we didn’t let her… she almost fell asleep in the car. We gave her a quick lunch and she slept for three hours!


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