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I sure would like to start the year sans injury, but thats a goal for another year. January 2012 was a better start to the year than January 2011. I logged 34.5 miles this January and 25.8 miles last January. So not that many more miles, but I also took a week off this year. And the miles this January were more quality than last year.

A month into the new year and my race plans have already changed. Its a good thing though as this took the pressure off to up my miles more quickly. Its also a good thing considering the hip thing I’ve got going on.

And on the hip… I just don’t know. I took a week off running and that did it some good. I ran yesterday and while it was a bit sore, the soreness was already dissipating later in the day. I’m working on it in physical therapy and with the chiropractor. For right now I’m going to run twice a week so hopefully the pain doesn’t build up again. I’m also experimenting running without my heel lift. And as it usually happens when I’m hurting, I’m pondering my shoes. For now I’m optimistic and I’m not calling myself injured, at least not an injured hip. My ankle is still a bit of an issuen though thats not affecting my running.

My plans to run the Green Bay half haven’t changed, at least not yet. I’m going to register for it when we get our tax return. I’m excited for Green Bay. I’ve wanted to run that one for a few years but its never worked out. The half marathon is at 59 percent capacity right now. So hopefully that number won’t go up dramatically in the next week or so before I can register!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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