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Our food this week: Super Bowl edition

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We had originally planned on going out for the Super Bowl. But with two of the three members of the Durso pack feeling under the weather, we ended up staying home.

For out Super Bowl entre, I got some crock pot chicken taco chili going. The chili had some kick! It was really good and really easy to make. I didn’t have to do anything with the chicken, just put it on top of the chili and then shred when it was done and keep cooking a half hour longer. I loved melting shredded cheddar cheese over it.

We weren’t in a hurry to eat, however, as our favorite snack lately has been tostitoes with warmed queso dip. With my new crock pot, I got a little dipper warmer. I stick some dip in, plug in, and I have toasty warm dip in an hour. I’m not sure theres an dip I can really make in the warmer though because its pretty small. It only holds about a cup.
I hadn’t baked in awhile, so the weekend before I had bought some bananas and strawberries for these strawberry banana muffins. I didn’t end up getting the chance to bake until Sunday as we waited for kickoff.

The muffins came together quickly, once I ran to the store to get flour since I hadn’t realized I didn’t have enough. I think it was because of that side trip that I forgot to put in the melted butter I’d left in the microwave. Despite that, the muffins turned out well, though quite dense.
Allie likes them! I will make them again to see how they turn out when the butter is included. I’ll also use more banana. I only used two, but it could have used more.
We didn’t eat very many bananas that week, so I had three more left. I started searching out a banana bread recipe. I remembered this recipe I’d seen awhile back for marbled banana bread, and was happy to find I had all the necessary ingredients!
This turned out SOOOO good. The unsweetened cocoa sweetens when its marbled and its a great compliment to the banana. It was so easy to make too. Its the kind of treat I can buy at Starbucks. And its cheaper since I made it and its also fewer points, which is important as we rejoined Weight Watchers this week.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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