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Doug and I rejoined Weight Watchers last Tuesday. It wasn’t a good first week back on the program. I couldn’t really plan for the points because I didn’t remember them. And a few times I was perfectly aware of the bad choices I was making. But that lackluster effort still netted a pound and a half lost. Being realisitic though, I know I could have easily lost a pound and a half without Weight Watchers.

My initial weigh-in last week was 179.8, 5 pounds above my weight when I stopped the program last July. Today I weighed 178. My initial goal is 5%, which is 9 pounds to 170.8. I will be ecstatic when I get there because that means I’m finally below my 174 I couldn’t get under for the last six months!

So now its on. I know exactly where I went wrong last week. Last week there were various treats in the office three out of the five days. Without good planning we were stuck with some not-so-light on points meals. A couple times we did resort to going out to eat.

Its been pretty easy getting  back into the tracking because I still had my profile with all my favorites and recipes. So I can plan meals based on whats in my profile and input the new recipes. I’m strategically placing meals through the week based on their points values. And the key is making sure I have a low-point lunch. Soup is the most obvious way to go because I can make a batch on Sunday and that will have enough leftovers to get through a good portion of the week.

The other part is activity points. My constant problem has been if I’m eating well I’m not exercising or if I’m exercising well I’m not eating well. I have my activity points tracking set to use them the day I earn them or lose them. I like that method because I can gauge how much I can eat to recover from my workout. And the more activity points I earn, the fewer weekly points I use. Last week I ended up with -34 weekly points. Ideally weight is lost by having weekly points leftover.

Its easy enough, at least in my mind. But its harder to implement sometimes. Tonight for Valentines Day we celebrated with a family date night to Applebee’s. Even though I had an Under 550 Calories menu item, it was still 13 points. That really wasn’t that bad. What was bad is the dessert Doug and I shared. Just HALF a maple butter blondie is 14 points! HALF! Is more than what I had for dinner. No wonder I’m fat.

But we’re planning a night out into our diet week too. You have to allow for those indulgences.

It just shows how hard it is to lose weight. But I will be successful this time, just like I was last time. My ultimate goal is still 140. And my sort of intermediate goal is still 163 since that will be my lowest weight ever. Losing 10% will get me just under that to 162. It won’t take long as long as I can stick to the program!


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