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That 2-year-old ‘tude

Eeek! Most of the time we have a happy loving good child but certain times someone takes that child and replaces her with a screaming mad flopping fish. And there’s no warning. Fun times with my toddler! Its termed the terrible twos for a reason, I know. But I’ve also been told that threes and fours are worse!

We’ve been working to teach her to say “please” and “thank you.” And she’s good about that. She even says “bless you” when we sneeze. But now we’re trying to teach her that she doesn’t always get what she wants just because she says please.

We’re starting to institute some discipline tactics. This may or may not have a correlation to the increase in tantrums. It seems like most of the time the threat of a time out is enough to make her change her behavior. But then we had to put her in timeout twice in succession yesterday to get her to bring her coat to Dada to put it away. She had just taken it off and thown it on the floor when we got home.

We don’t have a ton of rules. The main one right now is just that she can’t leave her toys or other objects on the floor in the kitchen or dining room, that she give her food to Mama or Dada when she’s done eating instead of throwing it on the floor. The other issue we’re dealing with is her efforts to delay bedtime. We’ve had to threaten to put her to bed without reading a book for the past two nights. The biggest problem though is the toys in the kitchen. We’re leaving the gate open more often because she likes to hang in the kitchen with Mama, but its so hard to step over the toys!

Of course its hard to stay mad and institute the discipline when the happy loving good child comes back and showers us with kisses and hugs! She is a good kid. We just have to stick to our guns and take heart that eventually this stage will pass.

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Gimme my phone

Allie loves phones, and she prefers the real thing. She brought this play “real” phone home from daycare yesterday.

When we were in the car, I had taken out my phone to look at something. She kept saying “gimme my phone,” referring to my phone. I asked her what happened to her phone, I couldn’t see it on the floor or on the car seat next to her. She didn’t tell me where it was.

Soon after she started talking about butts.

It turned out she was saying butt because somehow her phone had ended up under hers.

She’s so cute with her phones. She dials the numbers and talks to people like Bridgee and Grandpa. This morning she was being silly and didn’t want to look at the camera when I was taking pictures.

On another note, aren’t those penguin jammies so cute?

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Recovery weekend

Allie’s been sick all weekend. She came home early on Thursday and we thought she was better before she went to bed, but she woke up Friday with a fever and didn’t eat much for breakfast. That was the start of two days’ worth of throwing up, more than one incident where it landed on Dada, saltine crackers and several baths. The poor kid was so hungry and begging for milk and food, but all we gave her was water and saltine crackers. There were plenty of snuggly and together moments too.

Happily for all of us, she woke up this morning all better! She started out in a rough mood because she was so hungry. But she had a nice big breakfast of pancakes and is more active than she’s been all weekend.

Allie wasn’t sick much at all in her first two years, but it seems like she’s made up for that since turning 2! I hope we can all be illness-free for awhile.

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No more worries

Saturday didn’t start out great. I got up early to get my run in before working for a couple hours in the afternoon. I remembered just as I was about to leave that I’d forgotten to charge my Garmin before going out. I usually stick it on the charger at least a few minutes before running because it finds the satellites quicker right off the charger. Well I forgot to do that today but figured there’s still plenty of charge. But the battery was dead! Sometimes I forget to turn it off after I’m done with it so the battery dies. But I’m sure I turned it off last time. This makes me afraid that my Garmin is on its last legs. It is four years old, so I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth, but a new Garmin isn’t in the budget now!

I tried waiting a few minutes for the Garmin to charge, but it didn’t charge enough. I was going to map a route on the computer and try that, but I’m not really in a place right now where I can run without my Garmin. And as I was about to map a route, Allie woke up.

Allie’s been sick since Thursday. She seemed better last night, but she was still sick this morning. The reason I needed to get my run done early was to spend time with Allie because Doug had sick kid duty yesterday. And spend time with her, I did… I got to give her a bath after she puked the first time! Poor baby. She tries to be in a good mood, but she’s sick. And she’s getting old enough to understand more of whats going on too.

So… I didn’t run this morning. But after the run I ended up with this afternoon, it was good that I didn’t get to it this morning! I had limited time this morning but not in the afternoon. I was setting out to run 4 miles again, but I was hoping to run 4.5 or 5 miles. Well I was having my usual hard time in the second mile but I made myself slow down. And wow did it make a difference! Suddenly I felt great and knew Ihad a good shot at getting those 5 miles in. And when my route ended up a tad long, I ran a little extra and ended up with 5.5 miles.

Woo hoo! No more worries or mental games! This is about where I wanted to be when I started running again two weeks ago. I wanted to be back to previous mileage after two weeks, but when I had such a hard time last week I gave myself three weeks instead. My goal for a “long” run this week was 4. And my goal for next week was going to be 6. But with 5.5 today, I’m going to run 7 next week and get progressing in my training.

I broke through the mental part this week and logged 14.5 miles, my longest mileage week since I sprained my ankle. Its funny to look at my montly mileage since spraining my ankle. My monthly miles from October to now: October 102.1, November 0, December 23, January 34.5, February 39 and March so far 25. Hopefully from here on out I’ll build the miles and maybe get to 100 again!

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Its all mental

I am surprised by how hard my comeback from illness has been. I didn’t have this hard a time coming back from some of my injuries. I guess maybe because when I’ve been injured I’d been cross training. I didn’t do any kind of exercises, except a little mile-and-a-half run, when I was sick.
Yesterday’s run wasn’t great. I was baffled as I was out. Right from the start my legs just didn’t want to do it. I was glad I only had 2 miles planned because that was all I would get that day. After I got home I remembered the likely source of my fatigue. On Tuesday after work we went out for a family walk. Allie decided she wanted me to carry her for half of it. My arms got quite a weight training workout, but my legs definitely got it too. After all I was walking carrying a 30+ pound weight!

After that tough run, I wasn’t sure I should run this morning. I was planning 3 miles but hoping for 4. I’ve taken a liking to a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday schedule. And we were planning on getting pizza tonight. So I had to workout so I could have pizza without feeling guilty!

I knew as soon as I started this run would be better than yesterday. So I was getting frustrated as I was getting toward 2 miles and fatigue was setting in. I’m running a half marathon in eight weeks. So I need to start running more than 3 miles at a time!

I knew it was all mental. So I decided I was going to get over 3 miles, even if it was only 3.25 miles. I kept going and was trying for 3.5. Eventually I decided I’d make it to 4 miles. I felt like I’d fall on my face the minute I stopped, but I made it!

When I looked at my watch later I found another reason why this run was so hard… my pace in the fourth mile was nearly a minute faster than my pace in the first! Mile 1-12:10, mile 4-11:16! If I want to get my distance back I need to slow down! But those speeds were surprising because I really haven’t gotten much under 11:45 for my splits.

My plan for this week was going to be 4 as a “long” run. Since I did it this morning, now I’m pondering if I’ll try 4 again Saturday or try for more… or just take it easy on myself and do the 3 that was originally scheduled for today. I just don’t know. I’m at the point now where I’m excited for running… I don’t want that to go away too quickly. I’d say I don’t want it to go away at all, but I know it will. So the trick is making it last. Running is definitely a mental exercise as well as physical.

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See Grace

Last Sunday we met Allie’s friend Grace and her Mom and Dad, Teresa and Doug, at the children’s museum. They live across the street, but we hadn’t seen them in awhile because of the winter and then being sick. Allie walked right in like she owned the place. It took Grace a little longer to warm up. They had a good time though!

Allie tried the slide! The first time she tried it, it was really fast and I barely caught her on the bottom. Now that didn’t phase her and she didn’t even need me to catch her.

Allie liked riding the “horsey” by the museum entrance.

She put shoes on the baby, but the shoes were kinda big!

Mama made a pie for Allie.

And then Allie baked it in the oven… along with the ketchup and mustard.

We meandered into the art studio, and Allie was still holding onto the ketchup and mustard. She was very determined to get ketchup out of the bottle.

As time went on, we could tell both girls were getting tired, though niether of them would admit it. So we headed up to the rooftop before heading home. It was an absolutlely gorgeous day for hanging out on the roof.

First stop was the chickens. Allie really loves looking at the chickens.

On the opposite end of the roof has a nice water garden area. I had to watch Allie like a hawk because there were other kids whose parents were letting them take off shoes and put feet in the water. I didn’t want Allie to do that.

She was very interested in the water’s inhabitants, but didn’t seem too interested in putting her feet in, so that was a relief.

The last fun thing was a marker window that we’d never noticed before. Its like the paint wall that we like in the art studio, but on the roof and with markers… and less risk of mess!
All fun mornings must come to an end through! We had two tired kids on our hands. Allie slipped up and admitted that she wanted to go night night. It took her awhile to go to sleep later, but once she did she had a nice long nap. Theresa told me Grace fell asleep in the car right after they left.
Allie’s been so cute since this day with Grace. Every day since she keeps repeating “see Grace, see Grace.” We haven’t been able to to see her again yet because we’ve been busy this week, but hopefully we’ll be able to soon!

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Some fun numbers

I’ve lost 10 pounds in six weeks! I was so surprised when I weighed in yesterday because it was a hard diet week. It had a bad start and I made up my mind to fight for it, and I was successful!
Weighing in at 169.6 pounds is a milestone for me because I’ve made it to my first weight loss goal, my 5 percent goal, 9 pounds. What I’m a bit more excited about is to be under 170. I am firmly back into overweight category for BMI, instead of teetering right on the edge of obese. The last time I weighed under 170 was around the Fox Cities half in 2008, three and a half years ago.

The upper edge of overweight is 174.5. At 169.6, my BMI is 29.1. Yeah its still high, but my BMI at my worst was 37.2! Overweight is 25 to 29.9 and 145.3 will get me to normal!

My next goal is 163.9 because that will be my lowest weight ever. My previous low was 164. So all I have to lose is a mere 6 pounds.

I gained 5 pounds in January, so I’ve only really netted a 5-pound loss. But it almost feels like more. I guess I’ve just lost it in places that make me feel like its more. My clothes fit differently. When I was at my lowest weight in 2008 people told me I was skinny. I never agreed. Well now I do.

Its still a little hard for me to comprehend that I’m less than 30 pounds from my ultimate goal! I’m so close to fitting into a size 10. I’ve been fitting into some 10s, but not comfortably. It won’t be long until a 10 is comfortable. In coming months I’ll be a size 8… a single digit size! From the earliest I remember I was a size 18. Until now, that is!