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Saturday didn’t start out great. I got up early to get my run in before working for a couple hours in the afternoon. I remembered just as I was about to leave that I’d forgotten to charge my Garmin before going out. I usually stick it on the charger at least a few minutes before running because it finds the satellites quicker right off the charger. Well I forgot to do that today but figured there’s still plenty of charge. But the battery was dead! Sometimes I forget to turn it off after I’m done with it so the battery dies. But I’m sure I turned it off last time. This makes me afraid that my Garmin is on its last legs. It is four years old, so I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth, but a new Garmin isn’t in the budget now!

I tried waiting a few minutes for the Garmin to charge, but it didn’t charge enough. I was going to map a route on the computer and try that, but I’m not really in a place right now where I can run without my Garmin. And as I was about to map a route, Allie woke up.

Allie’s been sick since Thursday. She seemed better last night, but she was still sick this morning. The reason I needed to get my run done early was to spend time with Allie because Doug had sick kid duty yesterday. And spend time with her, I did… I got to give her a bath after she puked the first time! Poor baby. She tries to be in a good mood, but she’s sick. And she’s getting old enough to understand more of whats going on too.

So… I didn’t run this morning. But after the run I ended up with this afternoon, it was good that I didn’t get to it this morning! I had limited time this morning but not in the afternoon. I was setting out to run 4 miles again, but I was hoping to run 4.5 or 5 miles. Well I was having my usual hard time in the second mile but I made myself slow down. And wow did it make a difference! Suddenly I felt great and knew Ihad a good shot at getting those 5 miles in. And when my route ended up a tad long, I ran a little extra and ended up with 5.5 miles.

Woo hoo! No more worries or mental games! This is about where I wanted to be when I started running again two weeks ago. I wanted to be back to previous mileage after two weeks, but when I had such a hard time last week I gave myself three weeks instead. My goal for a “long” run this week was 4. And my goal for next week was going to be 6. But with 5.5 today, I’m going to run 7 next week and get progressing in my training.

I broke through the mental part this week and logged 14.5 miles, my longest mileage week since I sprained my ankle. Its funny to look at my montly mileage since spraining my ankle. My monthly miles from October to now: October 102.1, November 0, December 23, January 34.5, February 39 and March so far 25. Hopefully from here on out I’ll build the miles and maybe get to 100 again!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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