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Last Sunday we spent a great morning at the zoo. We were talking about it a lot before we went and Allie was so excited to see the animals.
When we got there the first animals we saw were the flamingoes. Allie was so excited! She sat on the fence for awhile and said hi to them and waved. I don’t think she wanted to leave, but there were plenty more exciting things to see.
We told her about the choo choo train and the carousel too. She was very excited for the choo choo.

She seemed a little unimpressed. But she may have just been cold, the train was the first thing we did and it was a chilly day.

The giraffes were out and about to say hi. Allie liked their long necks.

The zoo wasn’t terribly crowded, which was nice. It was easy to tell where you could glimpse the animals though by the crowds. The lions were out and creating a show.

We’ve taken a picture of Allie in this penguin sign every year. It was so cute she actually knew what to do this time, but was interested in looking at the picture underneath her instead of the camera.

Then it was time to see the real penguins. I think penguins are her favorite, but there were only a few out that day. But Allie waved hi to them anyway.

The seals weren’t out the first time we went to see them, but they were out later. Allie liked the displays where she could look on her own.

The last thing on the agenda was the carousel. While Allie seemed underwelmed by the choo choo, she really enjoyed the carousel.

I think she did get a little dizzy though. She was really enthusiastic at the beginning, but seemed more mellow at the end. But she wanted to go again! We did go one more time. I think she’d have gone more than that, but I didn’t want her to lose her breakfast.
We ended the day with a quick lunch at Panera. We like going there and getting Allie the peanut butter & jelly. That is one restaurant meal we know Allie will eat.
This was such a fun family day. It was especially fun to see how Allie takes in the sights as she gets older. She was so delighted to see all these animals. Sometimes places like zoos get a little boring to grown ups, but I don’t think they ever get boring to kids!

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