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Our egg-stravaganza, part I

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We had an action-packed Easter weekend!! We started it out with our Saturday morning pancakes and then we had to take care of some normal Saturday chores. But then after lunch it was off to the park for an Easter egg hunt! We got there a bit early so Allie played on the swings a bit. She wanted to use the big kid swing. She never liked the baby swing and she’s kinda big for it anyway.

She enjoyed it and it didn’t even phase her when she tried to get off while the swing was still going and landed flat on her face. Good thing this playground was lined with shredded tires!

Allie picked out her Easter basket that morning. She liked the bunny basket with the ears!

The hunt itself was typical egg hunt pandemonium. I never understood it until I became a part of it. In the 0-3 age group, its actually a parent egg hunt competition to grab as many eggs as you can. I managed to grab a grand total of ONE egg for Allie. She didn’t mind though, she had a blast.

Here she’s trying out the jelly beans that were in her egg. There were two and I think its safe to say she would have liked more!

The egg hunt was sponsored by the Fitchburg Lions Club. Among the attractions was a fire truck, which Allie enjoyed.

One of the bigger surprises was that Allie ran right up to the Easter bunny! Too bad her hair was all over her face.

The other fun activity of the evening was decorating homemade peanut butter eggs that Mama made.

The red and blue sugars came out really fast!

I found the recipe here.  I ran across plenty of peanut butter egg recipes, but this one sounded good while also not being terribly terrible for you, based on the ingredients at least. I have yet to calculate the weight watchers points for them because I ate too much over the weekend and gave up tracking for a few days. I wasn’t able to find powdered milk so I used coffee creamer. I microwaved the chocolate chips too long or something so instead of dipping in the chocolate I had to spread it like frosting. Tastes the same though!

They didn’t turn out like the picture, but they were fun! They’re not the real thing of course, but a pretty good substitute!

More egg-tastic Easter activities tomorrow!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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