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Egg-stravaganza, Part II

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Easter Sunday morning Allie came downstairs to find her new bunny basket with some plastic eggs, a chocolate bunny and a little Cinderella figure. She picked out everything except the chocolate bunnies (and she didn’t eat them!). We surprised her with some jelly beans in each egg. There were 12 eggs, so she got 24 jelly beans and Mama and Dada ate the rest of them in a relatively short time span.
But I digress… Allie enjoyed examining the contents of her basket.

But there was more than just her basket! We had another Easter egg hunt in which SHE got every egg! We put six in her basket and hid six in the living room. She had fun hunting for them and then eating the jelly beans.

After Mama ran 9 miles we went out to brunch. We all dressed up. We all ate, a lot. The Easter bunny came to visit the table when Mama was at the buffet. She got a little treat bag that she played with the rest of the day. I didn’t take pictures at brunch but I had to document how pretty Allie was on Easter Sunday, so we had a little photo shoot at home.

Saturday was so busy that we didn’t have time color eggs. We finally got around to it Sunday evening. Allie colored on the eggs with the magic crayon and then put them in the color.

While the eggs were in the dye Allie mixed them. Her absolute favorite activity is mixing.

The finished products! Allie doesn’t eat eggs much, but Mama and Dada are liking the boiled eggs for breakfast and snacks. I need to make some egg salad!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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