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Adventures in potty training

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As much as we’ve tried to avoid it, its here: potty training time. I’ll be honest, even while pregnant, potty training is the part of parenthood I’ve dreaded the most.

Our doctor reassured us that it was probably better to just wait until she turned 2. She turned 2 and still we put it off. We bought the potty and kept putting it off.

But its here. This week she started showing quite an affinity for undressing herself. Thursday Bridget told us Allie woke up from her nap and took off both her pants and her diaper. So when we got home we brought the potty upstairs from the basement and Allie ran right into the bathroom. She went a little that first time and didn’t want to put the diaper back on. Friday was more of the same with her asking to go potty and actually going two of the three times she asked.

She’s so enthusiastic about it. The old adage of waiting for the kid to show she’s ready certainly seems to be working so far! She’s so excited though that she’s asking to go every 15 minutes or half an hour. We want her to learn so we take her.

Today we added a new variable to the equation: underwear! She was sooooo excited for those, her first ones are Minnie Mouse and Disney princesses. She put them on but she kept asking to go. We started leaving the gate and the bathroom open and she went on her own. But she kept playing and ended up going on the floor once. Finally as we were making lunch we decided to take a break and put the diaper back on. Now she’s asleep, thank goodness!

I really have no idea on any kind of method for this. Her diaper has stayed mostly dry while we’ve been home. She hasn’t actually worn underwear long enough to have a real accident in them! She’s had a good start but her enthusiasm is proving frustrating in some ways for Mama and Dada. Its all new and I know the novelty will wear off.

For now we’re only doing it at home and when she’s awake. At some point we’ll get daycare involved. I’m not sure how we’ll proceed with sleeping times… does that mean we’ll have to put her in a toddler bed? Yikes! She’s growing up so fast and I really have no idea how to deal with it.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Adventures in potty training

  1. Aw, it’s so hard to see them grow but it’s rewarding, too! I don’t believe “pull ups” help with potty training but they’re great for nap and bedtime once they’re in underwear during the day. They’re less absorbent, so now Alexis will wake up if she pees in her sleep and ask to finish on the potty and get a dry pull up on. Good luck with the training! If Allie is so enthusiastic about it from the get-go, she’ll get the hang of it in no time!

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