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Running is going well right now, in spite of a litany of body concerns I have. In different fitness classes I’ve taken the instructors like to tell you to check in with your body, how are you feeling? Well I’m checking and and I can’t believe this list I’ve put together!

The week before last I had a minor concern with my groin, specifically the area where I had my stress fracture in 2008. Whenever I have an injury concern I go over and over it in my head and drive myself crazy. This time it was beneficial though as I realized I had the exact same concern last year at this time that was brought on by my increasing mileage and skipping too many stretching sessions. My hip flexors get tight if I skip the stretching too much. So the weekend before last I started stretching more and I shortened my long run. I’m still having occasional twinges but I’m not too concerned.

My ankle still isn’t quite right since my injury last fall, but it doesn’t seem to affect my running. I might be a tad paranoid about falling while running though! I have had some pain on the inside of my ankle that seemed really problematic in the weeks after my injury. I may go back to physical therapy for it, but right now its feeling fine.

The hip issue that sidelined me in January has tried to come back in the last few weeks. I’ve found that an intensive session with the foam roller all over my hip area one or two times a week is making that pain go away.

My back/SI joint are always an issue, but have been a lot less of an issue over the past couple months. In fact, I don’t have a chiropractor appointment scheduled right now! I can go in on an “as needed” basis. Of course whenver I make it to that basis, I can’t go more than a month! Its been two weeks so far.

I’ve considered myself blessed that I’ve never really had knee problems, though I’ve had minor bouts with runner’s knee. I had a little episode just before the Madison half last year. A couple times last year I’ve felt that familiar pain. But it seems to be staying away for now.

And now that I’ve listed all these and proclaimed my confidence, something will probably go wrong! But hopefully it won’t as my training is winding down over the next few weeks. I only have one more long run before race day, the Lake Monona 20K in two weeks. This week and the week after that race will be much-needed cutbacks.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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