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Saturday is the Crazylegs Classic 8K. I am soooo excited to run this race, not just because its a fun Madison race, but because it will be my first race in over six months! I ran the ZOOMA Great Lakes half on October 22. I missed the Berbee Derby and the New Years Day Dash with my sprained ankle (though New Years day was also really cold), I skipped the Valentines Day 5K because it was too cold and I missed the Shamrock Shuffle because it was just after I’d been sick. So nooooow, I finally get to race again!

This race is so super crowded but its a tradition in Madison. They have thousands upon thousands of runners every year, I’d look up the number but I’m on my lunch break. The start is in waves and as a slow runner I’m always in the back. I’ve predicted faster times every year as I’ve gotten faster and still been pushed farther back in the waves. Its annoying that the last waves don’t start until over an hour after the first ones. But once you start, this race is just great in atmosphere and the course. I love finishing in Camp Randall Stadium.

This is a family event too. Doug and Allie will do the 2-mile walk. Well, Allie will ride in the stroller. And they will be long finished before I start as well! But they’ll have fun taking in the atmosphere at the stadium while they wait for me to run by.

Last year I predicted my time at 62 minutes and finished in a PR of 57:15. This year I’m predicting 57 minutes. But I’m hopeful I’ll set another PR this year. I ran 5 miles this morning in 56:32, which would do it, but I know I’ll run faster in the race because I always do.

I’m finally back to racing, and my three remaining spring races are within four weeks of each other. Next weekend I’ll run the Lake Monona 20K. Thats perfect timing for my half marathon training. It will be my last long run and I really like having my longest runs in a race with that support! Then two weeks later will be the Green Bay half. I still need to think about what my expectations are for that race.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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