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If running is all about the pacing, cooking is all about the easy.

Some weeks I put a lot of throught into our menu. Other weeks we just pick the usual easy fare to get the grocery list done. Its always nice to come up with a good menu for the week and find that its also all easy!

I have three recipes that I picked seemingly at random last week that are going to stay in my easy and awesome pile. Last week was difficult and it was nice to cook dinner and find I had an easy meal in my pocket… made it a lot easier to suppress the urge to go out for dinner.

First up was Spaghetti with Oil and Garlic on Thursday. This came from my Food Network desk calendar. So many of the recipes I find in that calendar are just way too high maintenance. But this one was super simple and Allie LOVED it! Once the water boiled and I got the spaghetti in, it only took about 10 minutes to cook. And Allie gobbled it up. I really liked the combination of the garlic, parsley and parmesan cheese.

Friday I made Black Bean Quesadillas. This is a freezer recipe, but instead of freezing I cooked up all the quesadillas at once. These quesadillas had some great flavor combinations with the cilantro (I used freeze-dried cilantro, it was great!), red onion and taco seasoning. I must confess I ate plenty of the filling without putting it in a tortilla! The recipe was for 10 quesadillas, I made 9. Allie didn’t enjoy these quesadillas much, but Doug and I did. And it turned out this was the perfect post race lunch on Saturday after I finished the Lake Monona 20K! I ate three!

Saturday was Turkey Burgers. Since Doug doesn’t like cheese, I left out the ricotta cheese. Once I thawed out the turkey, it was really easy to put these burgers together. They simmered up nice in the skillet. The spice combo with worchestershire sauce, dijon mustard and dried thyme. Doug put ketchup on his and I put shredded cheddar cheese on mine and Allie’s. This was another one Allie didn’t particularly care for, even though she kept asking to eat the burgers as I was cooking them.

Not quite as easy, but still pretty easy was this Chicken Tortilla Soup that I tossed in the crock pot Sunday afternoon. I thimk I’ve posted this recipe before. I love the cilantro flavor. Its not a quick one on the stove. When I have the time for the prep though, it was great in the crock pot! I cut everything up, tossed it in and turned it on high for four hours. I just put the whole chicken breasts in and then shredded them once the soup was done. I really hate shredding chicken, but having it cook in the crock pot works really well! Another thing I love about this soup is its only 3 points per serving! The leftovers will last all week.

I should add here that I only calculated points for the soup because I’d done it previously… I’ve been ditching the diet the last couple weeks. I’m hoping to get back on it tomorrow!

This week is more of the quick and boring variety, though we are looking forward to grilling out for the first time this spring!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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