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Allie is all ready to go!

We’ve been telling Allie about our upcoming trip to Green Bay. The other night she found her princess suitcase and we told her that we’d pack her clothes in it for our trip.

So ever since, when we talk about the trip, she said “clothes,” because she wanted to pack her clothes.

Unfortunately, she thought that once she packed her clothes, we’d leave right away. She was quite upset as I tried to explain that we won’t be leaving until tomorrow!

She finally accepted that we weren’t leaving until tomorrow and then kept saying she had to “check,” meaning open up the suitcase and make sure she had enough clothes.

What a week we’ve had! At least its been quick. I’m as ready as I’ll ever be for race day! Earlier in the week I was itching to get going. I suppose I still am, but its been kind of a tough week for the workouts and my body. I’ve been really tired all week and have even gone to bed before 9 the last two nights! I had a couple tough workouts, but I think thats just what should be expected before race day. Its like I’m feeling excited and more than ready, but my mind still wants to play tricks on me.

We’ll be shipping out around lunch time tomorrow. We’ll go to the race expo and then check into the hotel. We plan on doing some swimming at the hotel. Then Saturday it will be the kids’ race, which Allie is soooo excited about, then the Packers Hall of Fame and the race pasta dinner. I’d say nap time, but I’ve learned many times over that Allie doesn’t nap on vacation. So I’ll say we’ll also do some more swimming too.

Then Sunday’s the big day! The weather forecast that looked just about perfect last week has warmed up. A lot. The forecast for Sunday in Green Bay is a high of 83, a low of 57 and isolated thunderstorms. Here’s hoping the temps don’t climb that high while I’m running! And that I don’t get stuck in a thunderstorm! I’m ready for the race, but not for the race in summer temperatures! I’ve gotten a bunch of emails and Facebook updates from the race organizers this week highlighting everything they’re doing to help the racers beat the heat. I’m really quite impressed. They’re having 10 aid stations on just the half marathon course! I don’t really know how many aid stations are common, but I doubt its near 10.

The main reason I wanted to run this race was the run through Lambeau Field. So of course I’m disappointed about the construction and that I can’t run through the field. But just reading some of the other entertainment and race perks as well as what I know of this race, its going to be a good show! I’ll be honest, I’m really really hoping for a PR, but even if I don’t get a PR, I have no doubt I’ll enjoy the experience. And hopefully I’ll go back next year to run through Lambeau Field!

But that reminds me I never wrote a post about my race goals. I didn’t even really shape them until this week. Runners usually have two or three goals for a race, I’m have two. My “A” goal, or “perfect day, beyond perfect race” goal is a PR, which would be finishing in under 2 hours, 21 minutes and 45 seconds. I’ve been averaging 11-minute miles or just under that lately, and that pace would accomplish that. I’ll just have to be careful, especially considering the conditions, that I don’t do too much for my body. My “B” goal, or “more realistic but still challenging” goal is 2:27, which would be about 11:15 pace and which would still beat my most recent half marathon time of 2:28:54. I’ve only run two races this year and both averaged under 11:00 pace, so I see no reason why even on a bad race I wouldn’t beat 2:27. So thats why I only have two goals. Of course I’ll be happy with whatever I accomplish because I expect to have a great time and I’ll be racing for my family.

I can’t wait!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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