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The frozen tundra of Lambeau Field

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We were delighted when we discovered the Green Bay is closer to Madison than we thought. We for whatever reason thought it was four hours. Turns out it was only 2:45. It was nice having a shorter trip because we didn’t have to rush out of the house at the crack of dawn.

Once we got into the room, she proceeded to unpack her suitcase into the chest of drawers under the TV as well as the night stands on both sides of the bed.

Once that was done we headed to the main attraction… Lambeau Field for the race packet pick up and expo. Dada was wildly excited to go there.

I think this was one of the first, if not THE first, times when Dada asked for his picture to be taken. Above Dada and Allie pose with Curly Lambeau.

Tourist things done, outside at least, we headed into packet pickup. I got my race gear and we got Allie’s kids race gear. She was so excited that when she saw her shirt she tried to take off the one she was wearing to put this one on! We just put it over what she was wearing instead. It was really big but she loved it!

Mama got to buy another race shirt and two bondi bands. I used to always wear hats when running outside, but got a bondi band last year and found that I love them! So I got two for $15 at the expo. One bright blue that said “13.1” in white and the other purple with pink writing that said “In my dreams I’m a Kenyan.”

After exploring the inside of the atrium for awhile we headed out to find dinner. We didn’t really have any concept of where we were in Green Bay to where we’d find food. So we just started driving and searching the Garmin for restaurants. We ended up pretty far from our hotel but found a great southwest restaurant and had some great chips and salsa and tacos for Mama, burrito for Dada and quesadilla for Allie. We considered it a victory that Allie ate a good amount.

We also considered it a victory that in spite of her exhaustion, Allie behaved really well all day and didn’t have a public meltdown! She actually didn’t have a meltdown at all. She’d had a tough night on Thursday I think from being so overtired and then she woke up with a runny nose Friday, so we didn’t know what to expect from her.

After a dinner in which we were all stuffed to the gills we headed back to the hotel and got Allie to bed at 8:45. She actually had said in the car she was tired and wanted to go to bed. She never does that. She’d hit a second wind back at the hotel but promptly fell asleep when we put her down. And since we had to basically shut down the room for Allie to go to bed, we all got good sleep from going to bed so early. We’d had thoughts of doing extra things, but had realized that with all the race-related events on the schedule and the need to try and get Allie a nap, it would be a busy and exhausting weekend. No extras for us!


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