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One of many highlights of our trip, at least for Dada, was our visit to the Packers Hall of Fame. Again he volunteered to have his picture taken! The power of football at work!

Allie got into it too.

And so did Mama! Here I am apparently playing the role of the running back. Dada says I was playing the role of Donny Anderson. I did not score the winning touchdown.

I didn’t really get it. I don’t know much about the Packers, other than the current Packers. Like #12. I still don’t have his jersey.

But I did get a picture with Aaron Rodgers! Doesn’t he look so real?

Dada wanted to sit at Vince Lombardi’s desk in his office and be inspired. I don’t know if it worked… we were starting to think about pasta for dinner at this point.

Dada posed next to the Vince Lombardi trophy from their 2011 Super Bowl victory. They had all four real trophies displayed in the room with the actual “hall of fame.” We didn’t hang around much to look at individual players because, like I said, I didn’t really know about old players, and we were getting hungry. Our next stop was to be the race pasta dinner being served in the stadium concourse, steps from the field.

We didn’t get to run through Lambeau Field because of construction. They’re adding some insanely high additional seating and upgrading scoreboards and who knows what else. But during the pasta dinner they did have a couple areas open for onlookers to at least view the real live frozen tundra. It was pretty cool. I’ll be running on that field next year!


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