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I think this might be the more highly anticipated race report of the CellCom Green Bay event!  The Saturday morning WPS Kids Power Run was a half mile around the parking at Lambeau Field. Allie was excited as I pinned her race bib on, but we had an hour to kill until they got to her age group and she got bored and/or tired.

But finally it was time to line up in the corral. The last age group was kids age 5 and under. The other age groups were only one age and older kids didn’t have their parents with them. The 5 and under had more than one year and extra parents, so they ran it in three “heats.” We ended up in the last heat so Allie got a little antsy waiting for her turn. Not to mention it was already getting pretty toasty.

Dada went down the course a little to get pictures of Allie’s first triumphant steps. While Dada did that, Allie and Mama helped count down, “10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, RUN!” and then we were off. Allie LOVED it… for about 30 seconds. Just look at that grin!

A few seconds later, this was the racing mechanism.

I carried Allie most of the way, and though I was worried about how carrying Allie so much would affect my race the next morning, I made it fun for Allie. I want Allie to run, but I want it to be fun for her. So I didn’t want the first time to end up a negative experience.

I should add that Allie didn’t want Dada to carry her, just Mama. She kept saying run, but didn’t want to get down. She wanted Mama to run holding her. So I did.

As we were nearing the finish, I persuaded Allie to get down and walk a little. That didn’t last long and then she wanted me to pick her up again.

After we triumphantly crossed the finish line, Allie got her very first medal! I didn’t get any close up pictures though.

After that we headed for some post-race refreshment. With her registration Allie got tickets for two mini-hot dogs and two milks or root beers. She didn’t care for the hot dogs so Mama and Dada ended up eating those. We got her a chocolate milk and then Mama and Dada shared a root beer. We sat for a little bit listening to the kids’ band that was playing some funny songs.

After sitting awhile Dada went to get the stroller and we decided to change our plans to head back to the hotel in hopes of getting Allie to take a nap. Allie decided she was done and started following Dada to the parking lot. After we got in the car she kept saying “tired,” but no nap materialized once we got her to bed. This race was fun and Allie still definitely likes to run. But I think we’ll wait a few months before trying racing again.


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