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I still don’t know what my upcoming race goals are going to be. I’d like to run two more half marathons this year. I have an idea for a fall half. The one thats yet to be determined is which one I might choose for the summer. Last year I decided to skip a half in the summer. I was a little burned out, though I don’t remember why. I’m not feeling burned out this year though. Maybe its my desire to run a better half than I ran in Green Bay because I know I can.

There’s a half in mid-June that I’d like to consider, but I doubt that one will work out since its so soon. There are two or three more in late June through mid-August.

June is a month of races though. I’ve never raced much in June. My very first half was on June 1, way back in 2008. Since I tend to run a half in May I’ve taken it easy in June. There are several races each weekend in June to consider. I don’t know how I want to focus. I haven’t run a 5K since the Shamrock Shuffle in March 2011. I almost ran a 10K PR last September. I’ve been faster overall lately. My 5K PR is 31:23 and my 10K PR is 1:05:40. I’m more likely to beat my 10K PR, but I’m also curious if my newfound speed might lead to a 5K PR?

With a few days left in May, I’ve logged 80.6 miles. For all of April I logged 80 miles. With half a mile more this month, I’ve run those miles 18 minutes faster than the 80 I ran in April!

April: 80 miles in 15:18:43, May 80.6 miles in 15:00:41.

What I know for sure is my next race will be likely June 10. I haven’t decided yet about 5K or 10K though. I’ll have at least one more more in June. If its not a half, it’ll be which ever distance I don’t run on June 10.

July for sure will be the 10-mile race in Waunakee. My 10-mile PR is that race in 2008 when I ran 1:53:05. That averaged 11:18. Surely I can beat that, right?


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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