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Recipe for a perfect Saturday morning

Get up early for a long run to beat the heat. Nine decent miles on the books. It was actually kind of cool this morning, contrary to current temps of 91!

With this morning’s run, I passed 100 miles for the month with a total of 100.6.

Next came post-run pancakes and coffee! Chocolate chip pancakes and Starbucks Caffe Verona! Yum!

After that we went to the farmer’s market. It was already pretty toasty by the time we got there at 10:30. We got some good stuff this week, some white potatoes and sugar snap peas. And for baking, a couple big zucchinis and Door County cherries! Not for the same recipe of course. Hopefully tomorrow I will be making some zucchini bread and cherry muffins.

Of course there was time to goof around by the capital too. Allie loves to run off and see how far she can get before we start yelling for her to come back. And she also enjoyed the flowers and water fountains. She apparently doesn’t mind the heat as much as Mama and Dada because it was hard to get her to start walking to the car.

The day got kind of weird though later… we went out to dinner and got home to find we couldn’t open the garage door. The power was out! Not good news when its 91 degrees! It came on about an hour and 15 minutes after we got home, thank goodness. It wasn’t too uncomfortable yet, but sleeping would have been tough without the AC!




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Budding photographer

We have a budding photographer in the house! Allie has been playing with Mama’s camera and taking pictures, but tonight she took some actual pictures!

I can’t say this is a good picture of me, but as Allie’s first, I have to post it!

Its so neat to see Allie’s budding talents! She uses her blocks as cameras, snapping her “pictures” and saying “cheese!”

Once she started taking pictures though, it was hard getting the camera away from her.

And continuing the quest of our future Olympian, tonight while watching the gymnastics trials, Allie started imitating those too! This has more potential for injury, but still so cute.

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Bringing the restaurant home

This pasta dish is quite labor intensive, but also quite worth it. In searching for something new to fill out our menu this week, I came across this cajun chicken pasta.  This is the kind of dish I like to have in restaurants.  It is SO good, though my sauce didn’t thicken like it was supposed to, or at least to look like the picture on the blog.

It took an hour to make, but totally worth it. I won’t make it on a week day, but it was great for a Sunday evening with plenty of leftovers. The recipe says it was five servings, but its been at least eight… this is another one of those recipes where I wonder how big a serving is supposed to be!

This is a light recipe that I found on, a great blog with lighter recipes and calculated weight watchers points. I’ve found great recipes there. This recipe is supposed to be 8 points, but since we’ve gotten eight servings out of it, its only been five! I’m not tracking points nearly as much lately, but I still do consider that when planning a menu.

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A true multi-tasker

When Mama came home from her run last Saturday, this is what she saw: Allie was multi-tasking in her play. She’s taken quite an interest in dressing up in her princess clothes. She also had her shoes on because she went “runnin” like Mama, and then she took a break to play her computer. Very important work she was doing!

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Future Olympian?

We’ve been watching the Olympic trials over the last few days. Allie is fascinated. Tonight we watched swimming and Allie loved it. She had brought the step stool into the living room in her playing and started jumping off the stool, “diving” off the starting block and “swimmin.”

Well, Mama and Dada’s first reaction was to make Allie stop. But we decided to let her keep playing. After all, if there’s one dream every kid should have, its the Olympic dream!

This was so adorable! She even put one of her books under the stool to look like the starting block. Then she’d bend over and grab the front like the real swimmers!

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This toddler never forgets

After our rendevous to Picnic Point Sunday, we had another promise to keep: The promised trip to the playground.

You know the saying, “An elephant never forgets?” I’d say that saying also applies to a 2-year-old as her memory increases.

We’d mentioned the possibility of a trip to the playground either Friday night or Saturday morning. So Allie was asking for it allll day Saturday. She kept asking as I put her down for both naptime and bed time.

So after Picnic Point, even though Mama and Dada would have rather gone home to get lunch, we headed to McKee Farms Park to the Kids Crossing playground.

And the trip was worth it to watch Allie run around like crazy exploring all the tunnels, bridges and steps.

She ran off to another part of the playground, I think to see if she could. It was so funny! The slides on the big playground were kind of tall and she didn’t want to go on those. But this one was more her speed.

Maybe the cutest part was when we were trying to leave and Allie wanted to go back on the playground. A butterfly fluttered by and Allie was occupied a good 5 minutes chasing it. We lost sight of it and managed to get her in the car.

And all the way home we talked of the adventures on the playground. And putting her down for naptime, she started asking to go to the playground again.

We’re going to have to be careful of what we promise her from now on!

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Picnic Point

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a neat place! Though something that strikes me as funny… I didn’t see a single picnic table on Picnic Point!

Today was refreshingly open as we got the grocery shopping done yesterday. So we had a great breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and after some rest headed off early to explore more of the Lakeshore Path area. It was good that we got there pretty early. It was hot today and Picnic Point gets crowded!

I love the views of the Capital from the path.

Mama totally needs to run out here sometime!

It was a nice 2-mile walk, 1 mile each way. Though there weren’t any picnic tables, there was a nice area with stone steps to walk down next to the water. I just read that the whole area is brand new! Very nice.

Allie took great delight in watching the boats driving around and walking around up and down the stairs.

One of the fun things about Picnic Point, according to the web site, is that its a popular place for marriage proposals and romance in general. Well, you certainly need to get there early if you want that proposal or romantic moment to be private! There were droves of people getting there as we were walking out.

As we were on our way back to the car, Allie started asking about the playground again. She’s definitely not forgetting things as easily as she used to! We mentioned yesterday the possibility of going to the playground… and she was asking all yesterday and all today! So once we navigated the crowds, we headed down to McKee Farms Park to continue our Sunday adventure. That was a lot of fun too, so much fun that I’m making that a whole other post!

We got a nice family picture out at Picnic Point! Its been awhile since we got a nice family picture. And I like this one so much, I’m making it the new feature photo of the blog!