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For the first time in awhile, we woke up on a Saturday with no other plans, so we got to head out to the farmer’s market.

Turns out it was a great day to go because not only was it the farmer’s market, but Cows on the Concourse! We went to this last year and Allie liked it but was a bit scared. Not this year. She got out of the stroller and walked right up and started petting the cows!

Every day on the way to work we pass a farm thats set back a ways from the road, but with a pasture that goes up to the road. We look every day to see if the cows are out. Some days they’re out, but by their barn so Allie can’t see them. Some days they’re just in the barn. But if we’re lucky they’re up right by the road! There is much delight when they’re up close to the road. If they’re not we sadly say “no cows.” Sometimes she says “yes cows” even when they’re not there.

When we’re on our way, Allie starts talking about the cows well before we get to their pasture.

But back to Cows on the Concourse. I’d meant to look up the date, but had forgotten. As we drove around to find parking I figured it was next week because I didn’t see them out where they usually are on the road in front of the City-County Building. We got out and went around the market getting a big bag of salad greens, some sugar snap peas and some new potatoes. We got a jar of the jam that we really like. And of course we got our bakery treats and (for Mama and Allie) cheese curds. As we rounded the square we realized the cows were there that day, just in a different spot than we expected! We’d gotten to the market late and by the time we found the cows the event was almost over. But we still had plenty of time for Allie to go look around and pet every cow. There was no fear today! Though she seemed a little taken aback when one of the cows actually started “moo”ing at her.

Another highlight from the event has been the cheese eraser she got. Its a hunk of cheese to put on a pencil. She’s fascinated by the holes in the cheese. Its small and we’ve already had some tension as we lost track of the eraser and had to hunt for it. Right now while Allie sleeps its on the book case so we know exactly where it is when she asks for it.


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