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One day after work Doug and I got to Bridget’s house to pick Allie up and found them in the back yard playing in the little pool. Bridget said they were just going to get their feet wet and they ended up going swimming. For at least the next week Allie was asking to go swimming when we’d get to Bridget’s house in the morning! It was so cute. We started keeping her swimsuit in the diaper bag, but I don’t know if they went swimming again.

So we were pretty sure that Allie would be happy to go swimming this weekend. She sure was!

We went to the pool a couple times last summer. The first time Allie loved it. The next time for some reason Allie was scared and we couldn’t get her to go into the water.

That wasn’t the case yesterday! I’m sure Allie was tired at nap time, but I think she also made sure to go to sleep quick because we promised her we’d go swimming when she got up. I had to wake her up from her nap, but once she realized that I was getting her swimsuit out, she perked right up!

This time in the pool, we couldn’t keep Allie out of the water. She wanted to just run right in, but I kept her close. When she finally got me to let go of her hand, she charged right in too deep and lost her footing and went under the water. I rescured her right away and she wasn’t going to get hurt. I was relieved that she didn’t get scared after that. We had a lot of fun playing around in the water and then we had to drag her out for the 10-minute hourly safety check. Oh she was mad we made her get out!

We diverted her attention by re-applying her sunscreen. Allie helped!

She also spent some time just lounging and watching the divers behind us. She looks so grown up! She really enjoyed watching the divers.

Then it was time to run back into the pool. No, we actually didn’t run.

We had plenty of fun playing. But even though it was hot, Allie was cold and tired. So we got out and wrapped up in our towels to dry off. We watched the divers again as we dried off.

Even on the way home Allie was asking to go back. Its going to be fun explaining every day that we can’t go swimming every day! I think its safe to say we’ll be back!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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