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I want to run another half marathon this summer. I still don’t know if I will. The most likely will be the Madison Mini in August. I’m running decent mileage right now and I don’t really feel like I need to train so much toward the half marathon. Really, I can start adding back in some longer runs a month to a month and a half out and be fine.

So I need some kind of plan. I have a hard time keeping my motivation without a plan. I don’t so much want to be stuck running really long every weekend but I need to maintain my mileage.

Last week I stumbled into my summer training plan. I wanted to run a mile on the treadmill to gauge my comfort level running in shorts. I’m happy to report I’m a bit more comfortable, but I don’t know if or when I acutally will. I also wanted to run on National Running Day. I figured a single mile wouldn’t be too much to make it five runs for the week. Then as I thought about it more, I decided I’m running really well right now. I’m getting faster and stronger. I don’t want to be committed to running long every weekend, but I want to maintain and perhaps increase my weekly mileage.

I think I’m ready to run five days a week!

The general rule when you’re adding another day of running is to drop the weekly mileage a bit and make the extra day short. I ran five days last week and 20 miles. This week I’m running a 5K Saturday and aiming for 22 miles. I don’t necessarily want to run a long run every weekend, but maybe every other. I think I’ll skip the long run this weekend again and do it next weekend. I’ve been averaging 22 miles a week since about April. I think I can probably get my weekly mileage up to between 25 and 30. Who knows, maybe more when I’m training for a half.

I’m consistently running faster these days. I’ve also been running more hills and it hasn’t been torture. So I’m getting stronger. Running five days a week will improve my speed and strength. I’ve never trained for speed. I’ve gotten faster as I’ve gotten stronger. Maybe someday I’ll train for speed, but for now I’ll just run more frequently.

The thing to get used to I think is that I will usually have to run three days in a row within a week. My legs have been tired as I’ve adjusted. Its gone well so far.

My mileage goal for the year is 900. I started slow and I’m behind. But I’ve figured out I can make it if I run 88 miles per month I will make it. But I know I won’t be running that much in November and December. So I’m going to aim higher through the summer and running five days a week will help me along. Last year I hit 100 in a month in October and hopefully I’ll hit 100 this month!

I’m expanding my running routes too. I’ve been running through the same sections of my neighborhood for four years now. Two weeks ago in my desire to sleep instead of run, I realized its partly boredom with my routes. I’ve avoided certain areas of the neighborhood because they are really hilly. But I’m getting stronger and feeling brave enough to navigate the hills. The sun comes up earlier now so I feel safe crossing the higher traffic road and charting some new territory.

I’m running a 5K on Saturday, probably a 10K on July 4 and then a 10-mile race at the end of July. I can maintain long runs up to 8 or 9 miles, run the 10-miler and then run a few longer ones for the half. Maybe I’ll break some PRs along the way!

I lost my running motivation a bit last June in the post-race let down after the Madison half. I didn’t get that let down quite so much after Green Bay, maybe just because of how that race turned out. Right now I need to keep that motivation and I’m sure this will help.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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