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I was quite surprised this at this morning’s weigh-in to find that I lost 2.2 pounds, for  a new weight of 166.2. This is my lowest weight since late 2009! I didn’t finish my tracking for last week, party because we had a large lunch at Texas Roadhouse on Father’s Day. Those restaurants that just keep bringing the rolls are always my downfall! So needless to say I’m not sure how I achieved this weight loss. I have a theory that it has to do, at least partly, with sweating more when running outside lately.

The second surprise came when I updated my weight this afternoon and got a 50-pound milestone on my Weight Watchers! I think if you go to weight watchers meetings you get charms or something for milestones. Online its just a colored star. Nevertheless I was surprised and excited when it popped up on my chart! Even though I stopped weight watchers for six months, I kept my old account when I started again this year. So its tracking milestones going back to my very starting weight in January 2011. I weighed in that day at 217 pounds.

Its so weird to me to look at this picture again. The jeans I was wearing were size 20. I had spent a year after giving birth thinking I could lose the weight on my own the way I did the first time. But I was wrong and I was frustrated.

I made awesome progress on weight watchers and was down to 174 when I canceled in July 2011. I mostly maintained that weight, but ultimately restarted weight watchers in February 2012 up 5 pounds at 179.

Almost three and a half months later, I’m down to 166.2, almost 13 pounds from where I started in February and a total of 50. I’ve come so far! I mean, I still can’t say I like how I look in a swimsuit, but I allow pictures to be taken!

To bad I’m not really sure how I managed to lose this weight! It certainly wasn’t for perfect eating. Then again, it seems like I don’t really have results so much on weeks when I do get close to perfect eating! But I’ll take it.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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