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Here’s a simple example of how Allie’s speech is growing up. Until probably two weeks ago, Allie always said “umm hmm” or “uh huh,” when she was answering in the affirmative.

Now everything is simply, “yes.”

Such a small word but right after she started saying yes all the time, she just started saying all sorts of other things too!

We have fun conversations about what she did at daycare that day, usually where she lists the people that she played with. We talk about what she wants for breakfast (chocolate cheerios during the week and pancakes on the weekends) and she is always very adamant that she wants to go outside. She is always delighted to see Mama’s flowers on the deck or the porch. Last Friday I took the bus because Dada had to pick Allie up early, and they came to pick me up at the transfer point. I got in the car and she spouts off “Mama at the bus station!”

She also shows some attitude. The other morning we were trying to get her to brush her teeth before going to work and she wasn’t doing it herself, so Dada was trying to do it. She kept insisting, “I did it already!” Where did she learn that?

But as quickly as she started saying “yes,” she now also says “yeah.” It seems to depend on her mood.

Her other signature word is even shorter. “Oh.”

This is so fun because it seems like she really comprehends what we say. And I just envision all these tidbits absorbing into her brain as she says “oh.”

When Mama broils pork chops for dinner, it seems like they always set off the smoke alarm. Even if I’m prepared for it, it always makes me jump. Whenever it happens it startles Allie, and she talks about it for awhile afterward. She likes to say “beep beep beep.” Dada is her hero because he fixes the smoke alarm. We explain to Allie that its important to have a smoke alarm in our house to keep us safe. “Oh.”

Its funny to me how such simple words show me that my daughter is growing and learning. And she is growing too. She’s wearing some clothes that she had last summer that are size 24 mounths. One outfit is a dress with capri leggings that were almost down to her ankles last summer. It still fits, but the pants only go to just below her knees! Every day is a new adventure for her and us.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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