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What a neat place! Though something that strikes me as funny… I didn’t see a single picnic table on Picnic Point!

Today was refreshingly open as we got the grocery shopping done yesterday. So we had a great breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and after some rest headed off early to explore more of the Lakeshore Path area. It was good that we got there pretty early. It was hot today and Picnic Point gets crowded!

I love the views of the Capital from the path.

Mama totally needs to run out here sometime!

It was a nice 2-mile walk, 1 mile each way. Though there weren’t any picnic tables, there was a nice area with stone steps to walk down next to the water. I just read that the whole area is brand new! Very nice.

Allie took great delight in watching the boats driving around and walking around up and down the stairs.

One of the fun things about Picnic Point, according to the web site, is that its a popular place for marriage proposals and romance in general. Well, you certainly need to get there early if you want that proposal or romantic moment to be private! There were droves of people getting there as we were walking out.

As we were on our way back to the car, Allie started asking about the playground again. She’s definitely not forgetting things as easily as she used to! We mentioned yesterday the possibility of going to the playground… and she was asking all yesterday and all today! So once we navigated the crowds, we headed down to McKee Farms Park to continue our Sunday adventure. That was a lot of fun too, so much fun that I’m making that a whole other post!

We got a nice family picture out at Picnic Point! Its been awhile since we got a nice family picture. And I like this one so much, I’m making it the new feature photo of the blog!



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