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Long time, no post! Its been so stinkin’ hot, we haven’t been doing much lately. Then we’re all seemed to come down with these random summer colds over the last few days. As I write this I’ve skipped on run and have to skip another tomorrow because my asthma is flared up right now. No fair!

One thing I have done lately is bake. Well, last week I baked, and we’ve been enjoying the products ever since!

I had a productive Fourth of July holiday. On the night before I baked two loaves of zucchini bread, using one large zucchini. I’d bought two big zucchinis at the farmers market the week before, thinking that was how much I needed for the bread. I guess I didn’t know how much zucchini you get from a giant one!

I used this zucchini bread recipe from taste of home. Its lightened up with applesauce and egg whites. I really love the taste the cinnamon adds to it. Like I said before, I made two loaves and we’re down to about a quarter of a loaf remaining. I’m honestly surprised we haven’t finished it yet.

Allie loves it. She kept asking for “kini bread.”

Wednesday afternoon I baked these cherry crumb muffins, minus the crumb. I couldn’t make the crumb topping because I used up all the cinnamon for the zucchini bread. I bought the cherries at the farmers market too and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to use them as I had to throw away a few that had gone bad. But there were enough still good that I was able to use. It takes awhile to pit and cut cherries, but its worth it for these muffins. Allie would agree. She enjoyed having the “cake” for dessert with dinner, or breakfast like the picture above!

I think this recipe without the topping is almost the same as the cherry muffins I made last year, except these used sour cream instead of yogurt. I like the sour cream taste of the muffin. And like all muffin recipe, I made more than the recipe said would make. The recipe says 10 and I made 12.

Last week was lazy, but I made a yummy nutritious dinner Saturday night of turkey burgers and zucchini oven chips with that other zucchini. This zucchini was so big, I even had too much for the chips and had to make more of the mix to dip the slices in! I’m not sure if the chips were supposed to be crispy. Mine weren’t. A few got burnt and thus a bit crispy and those weren’t too good. Doug and I enjoyed the zucchini chips, but Allie wasn’t too impressed. They tasted good, but they made quite a mess with all the crumbs. I think I’ve posted about the turkey burgers before. I like making these because I can cook them on the stove and I have everything that goes in them on hand, so we just need to buy the ground turkey.

Sunday night I grilled hamburgers, hot dogs and cheddar brats. I love when we grill because we eat it for a week and don’t get sick of it. We’ve actually had the leftovers for dinner the past two nights. And we still have a couple more lunches!


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