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13.1 here we come!

Tonight I took the plunge and registered for the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon. I had considered waiting a little while still, but Doug encouraged me to register before the price goes up Sept. 1. I had hesitated just because of my doctor’s advice to be open to sitting it out if its not my day. Doug told me that I should still register and if it ends up being my day, he’s OK with it, no mention of wasting money. So that made me feel better about it. And there is the 10K to fall back on.

Scary that I registered on a day when I had to skip my run because my legs were super tired! But I’m sure that won’t become a usual thing, I won’t let it.

Maybe the hardest question on the registration was the t-shirt size! I’d been getting medium race shirts, but that’s out for at least a year. The problem is race shirts seem like they’ve been getting more humongous lately… I have a medium from last year thats bigger than some of my larges. I decided to go with large. If its the same as it was in previous years, its a long sleeve shirt, and I can always use more of those. Plus my issue with shirts that are too big is usually with how the sleeves hang, so hopefully that won’t be an issue with a long sleeve. And hopefully there could be an opportunity to exchange if it doesn’t work. Or maybe I just wait a year until I can wear that shirt too.

So its on, baby! 13.1 here we come!

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Bye bye first tri!

When I was pregnant with Allie, I was ecstatic to say good bye to the first trimester. That is definitely the case this time around!

I’m not quite as well informed as I was last time. I don’t remember if the first trimester is actually done at the beginning or end of the 13th week. But as today is 13 weeks and 4 days, I’ve decided I can officially bid adieu to the first trimester.

Luckily, the morning sickness and car sickness went away about a week and a half ago. Now I’m not quite as hungry as I was before. So I have to be careful about taking too much food to work and/or not eat it all when I’m not hungry. I’m feeling good. I haven’t been too fatigued.

We found out right away at the first trimester screening that the ultrasound measurements were good. I got a note from my doctor today with word that the bloodwork portion of the screening came back normal. This means I’m low risk to have a baby with Down’s Syndrome. It doesn’t guarantee, but it is reassuring. I wasn’t worried about the screening, but it is nice to have the confirmation on that.

On my big focus topic, the weigth gain so far is better than it was with Allie. Depending on which starting weight I use (my lowest weight on our home scale or the first weight I got at the doctor), I’ve gained 3 or 8 pounds. Yesterday morning that number was 3, by the afternoon when I got to my appointment it was 6. I’m choosing to disregard that for now! Any way I look at it, its better than the 14 pounds I gained in the first trimester last time!

Maybe more encouraging than the weight is that most of my smallest clothes still fit… the jeans at least. I’ve had to retire a couple of my smallest pairs and bring in a few size 14s, but other 12s I have are still falling off! I’m pretty sure I was wearing at least size 14 all the time at this time with Allie. Its making me wonder a little bit if my maternity clothes are going to fit. But in my mind, this is a good problem to have.

I’ve had to retire a few shirts and introduce some more maternity-ish shirts. I don’t have the baby belly yet, but my insides are definitely being pushed out. I knew going into this that I’d start showing sooner. It upsets me sometimes, but its really OK. But I really do want to get the belly soon!

As I’ve been writing lately, I’m running well and hoping to register for the Haunted Hustle before prices increase at the end of the week. This morning’s run was tough and I think I may have to skip a run this week, but I’m OK with that.

Now I head into the second trimester. I’m waiting for the belly and feeling the baby move. I’ve had feelings occasionally that make me think it could be the baby, but I doubt it. Second time moms usually feel movement sooner, I think I’ve read that I might feel real movements by week 15. I can’t wait!

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It can be done

I ran 9 miles yesterday to finish out the week with 21.5 miles. I’ve been giving myself until the end of the month to decide if I can run a half marathon. And I have decided… It can be done!

The Haunted Hustle is Oct. 13, seven weeks away. With my mileage lately I have a lot of flexibility for how I want to train. I’ve been considering running each long run twice, increasing by a mile each week or even just a half mile each week. Most training plans go up to 10 miles for the long run. I prefer to go up to 12 or 13. Either way, I can get there. And if I don’t, I know I’m more than ready right now!

I’m basically exactly where I was when I got my positive pregnancy test at the end of June. That was seven weeks before the Madison Mini, and I ran 9 miles that day. I quickly decided the Mini wasn’t a real possibility. I probably could have tried to run it, but I think it was better for me to take it however it fell those first few weeks.

I mentioned at my prenatal appointment today about my plan to run the half marathon and my doctor was fine with it, though she did say I needed to be open to the possibility that if its not my day, I shouldn’t force it. I agree. If it happens to be 95 degrees in October, I’ll have to sit it out. And of course I’m not trying for my fastest half marathon ever. In fact, I expect it to be my slowest, and I’m OK with that. Thats part of the reason I want to train up to 12 or 13 miles just because it will be more time on my feet. My half marathon times have all been between 2:20 to 2:35ish, and I expect this one to be closer to 2:45. I think my only goal will be to finish in under three hours!

The only real unknown, in my mind anyway, is how my changing body composition will affect my running over the next seven weeks. I’m already getting bigger. I knew I’d get bigger this time, scary thought considering how big I was last time! That’s beside the point though… the point is I’m going to try it! But I might still wait a little while before signing up. Well, I have to because we don’t have it in the budget right now. The price will go up, but its probably smarter to wait a little while.

I’m excited to do this! I’m so happy I’ve been able to keep running this time. I only ran up to about 14 weeks last time, so I’m almost past there! I’m also looking forward to having a better result than Green Bay. It won’t be a better time, but should be official and have a better memory associated with it! I’ve heard that the Haunted Hustle is a really fun race. I don’t intend on dressing up for it, but maybe I’ll win something for wearing a real costume! Maybe I’ll even make a special T-shirt.

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Making forts and jumping on the bed

The fun activities of the weekend so far have been making forts in the living room and jumping on Mama and Dada’s bed.

Dada had the great idea to use Allie’s art table and chairs and a blanket to make Allie a fort. She got up and after we finished jumping on the bed and eating breakfast, she asked to make a fort. At one point the blanket had fallen down and she started jumping in the “pool.” I love how this kid’s mind works!

Jumping on the bed… its cute, but one of those things that we kind of wish we didn’t start! Before her nap she kept asking to “jump on the bed a few minutes.” We did until she got really mean with Monk. I don’t know how to make her be nicer to the dog!

We also jumped on the bed for awhile before she went to bed tonight. The problem is that she never wants to stop! Another trend lately is the tantrum… for almost everything. We’re starting to work on calming down from these tantrums. I told her I wouldn’t read her a book before bed until she was calm. She didn’t calm down before her nap, but she did before bed. Yikes… we’re almost done with the two’s… but I’ve heard three’s are worse!

And in between jumping on the bed and making forts, Allie hung out with Dada and watched the Redskins Colts preseason game. She’s more of a Redskins fan unfortunately. Dada has made more of an effort to influence her than I have! It was so cute to watch them hanging out after Allie got up from her nap. She was just chilling with some milk and a cereal bar. Then we made a fort.

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Hello world!

We have our first baby pictures! Well, we did have an ultrasound a month ago at my first prenatal appointment, but I didn’t get a CD of those pictures and I can’t get my scanner to work. So these are the first easily shareable baby pictures, since I got a CD and didn’t have to scan.

We had the first trimester screening this morning, the test to determine risk of down’s syndrome and a couple other chromosomal defects. The first part wasn’t so fun, a finger prick to get a blood sample. I don’t remember everything from last pregnancy, but that finger poke today hurt just as much as I remembered it!

The second part was more fun: the ultrasound! The ultrasound is used to measure fluid behind baby’s neck. The two parts of the test are used to determine if there is risk that the baby has one of those defects. The measurements from the neck were good and it will take about a week to get the bloodwork results.

As I wrote on Monday, I’m glad to get to see and hear the baby. With the absence of morning sickness (yay!) but no visible bump or feeling movements, it doesn’t always feel real.

Baby was very active! I suppose that was in part because Mama ran 5.5 miles before the appointment. He or she kept flipping around, which made it difficult for the tech to get the right images for the measurements. They have very specific requirements for baby’s position.

Its so crazy that I have a little human being growing inside me, that he or she is flipping around and I don’t feel a thing!

It was fun to see the baby, though it got a bit uncomfortable after a little while with all the pressing on the belly. Even though I’d gone to the bathroom before the appointment, the pressure on my bladder was not a good feeling!

Tomorrow I hit 13 weeks! The first trimester is complete! Though I don’t remember if the official end of the first tri is when I hit 13 weeks or complete 13 weeks. Either way, I’m already one-third of the way through this adventure! There’s still so long to wait though! Some days thats good, other days I wish it would be here sooner!

We have the 20-week ultrasound on Oct. 12, where we will be finding out the sex. I really liked finding out with Allie and giving her an identity rather than just “it” or “he or she.”

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Outdoors or in?

Running is still going great. I’m happy with my mileage right now, aiming to keep it around 20 mles per week and lengthening my long run to 10 or more for the half marathon Oct. 13.

But as summer is fading into fall, I have my yearly dilemma a few months early. How long do I continue running outside? Usually I have this debate when the weather starts getting cold. The issue now, however, is whether to run outside in the dark or retire to the treadmill. I’m so sad that its staying dark longer in the mornings already in August! Pretty soon it will be dark for the entire run.

Last year I sprained my ankle, very badly, running in the dark. This year in addition to concerns about my clumsiness, I’m carrying precious cargo! I do have a light now, and it worked fine last year when I got brave enough to use it.

Right now its a bit darker every morning as I start running. I was surprised how dark it was today at 5:20. The sun was starting to rise and I started on a sidewalk where I know there is good lighting. I keep my eyes trained on the sidewalk or road for cracks and rocks. It was light enough by about a half hour in. I’ll be starting my run earlier tomorrow so I think I will be using the light.

I think the plan for right now will be to run outside with my light and see how it goes. I’ll just have to evaluate as I go. As baby gets bigger I know I’ll need to be closer to a bathroom or have the ability to stop early. I’m already having a bit of round ligament pain, which can cut a run short. I know the treadmill will be the ultimate destination. But my excuse for moving inside this year won’t be just because I’m a wimp!