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Our day at the aquarium was so much fun, but oh so tiring! There are more exhibits than I remembered the last time I was there, which was probably at least four years ago. We were there for five hours and didn’t see everything!

Allie loved everything. A highlight was definitely the aquatic show. Its too bad they don’t allow flash photography at the aquarium because there would have been some great pictures of Allie as she watched everything! She also enjoyed seeing the jellies exhibit, though she thought all the jellies were pooping… this after seeing several animals pooping before that. She thought the sharks were pretty cool too.

We enjoyed taking in the scenery as we drove in and drove out… the drive out took a bit longer than the drive in though. We stayed in Hoffman Estates. The drive into the city in the morning took about 45 minutes and the drive back to the hotel took an hour and 45 minutes! We were expecting traffic, but didn’t expect it to be that bad! Allie was fascinated with seeing the planes by the airport and the trains and tunnels. We thought she’d sleep in the car on the way home, but she didn’t… Allie didn’t sleep much the whole trip!

Friday night after we got back to the hotel, my best friend Jen and her son Oliver came to see us and have dinner. I’ve been wanting to see them when we finally made it to Chicago, but hadn’t coordinated anything yet. It turned out they were able to come and see us and our kids finally got to meet! Jen and I hadn’t seen each other since her baby shower in July 2009, so three years! Thats too long to go without seeing your best friend. Unfortunately the visit wasn’t nearly long enough, but it was so nice to catch up a little!

The kids were quite alike, only two months apart in age. They totally fed on each other! It was cute. Jen and I have joked about having an arranged marriage between them, and I think the first meeting went well!


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