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Allie says her last name! She tells us she’s Allie Durso. I’m Mama Durso and Dada is Dada Durso and of course we have Monkey Durso! We had a great time on the way home from work tonight saying our names over and over. When she latches onto something she thinks is amusing, she doesn’t let it go!

She surprises us constantly with things she says. Tonight at dinner she wasn’t eating. We kept asking her to eat her food and she kept saying “I’ll do it.” A few times she said “I’d do it in second.” She didn’t do it.

When we ask her to do something, sometimes she’ll say “Thats a good idea.” Doesn’t mean she does it though!

A new favorite past time is playing with the dog. She plays with Monk’s toys, so Monk gets all riled up. A common game is holding onto Monk’s rubber hot dog while Monk holds it in her mouth and twirling round and round with it. They’ve also been playing fetch. Tonight she was in the dining room and telling Monk to “go into the living room” to play. A couple nights ago she was telling Monk, “wanna show you something.” I don’t know what she wanted to show Monk but it was so cute.

In the morning when I see her for the first time, I say good morning and she gives an enthusiastic “good morning” back. I say I’m so happy to see her and did she have a good sleep? She did. If Dada gets her up, she knows I was usually out running and she asks “your run was good?” It was and I give her a kiss. She doesn’t mind a hug even though I’m sweaty. Then when its time for Mama to go take a shower, I tell her “I’ll see ya later!” and she says “see ya later” back.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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