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We got to the farmer’s market yesterday for the first time in quite awhile. It was a beautiful day for it!

In a rare planning mode, we made the grocery list before going to the market to see what we could get there. We got quite a bit!

The other thing we really love is the ground beef. Most of the meat you find at the farmer’s market is more expensive than what we get at the store. But this ground beef is only $3 a pound. Every other time we’ve gotten to the market this summer, they’ve been sold out. We lucked out this week!

I thought the mini cucumbers would be a great snack, as I’m trying to load up on the fruits and veggies. Well, the stand I got the cucumbers from had them 5 for $1, and the guy also threw 5 mini zucchinis in the bag too and didn’t charge me for them. Too bad I had already bought that big zucchini!

Another highlight was the corn on the cob. We don’t do corn on the cob a lot.

For lunch on Saturday, I decided to shred some chicken I’d made in the crock pot and add some barbecue sauce for some barbecue chicken sandwiches with corn on the cob. It was a family effort as Allie helped shuck the corn!

And then Allie ate some corn as well! We were impressed by how well she ate it from the cob.

All weekend we were promising Allie a trip to the playground. We didn’t end up getting there on Saturday though because I decided to get the grocery shopping done instead. Allie came with me and we had an adventure getting all that food. But every time Allie went to bed or woke up, she asked for the playground. This kid doesn’t forget like she used to. Well, this morning we went out looking at cars and after spending a couple hours doing that, we stopped at Elver Park on the way home.

The only bad thing about going to the playground is that Allie doesn’t want to leave!

So after lunch and after I thought Allie was down for a nap, I went out for a run in my new shoes that I got yesterday. It was a quicker shoe fitting than I’m used to… I only tried on three pairs! I ended up going with an old friend in the Saucony Guide. I wore Guide 3s for I think close to a year. Then my feet narrowed after I lost the last of my baby weight and I also didn’t really like the change between the Guide 3 and 4. So I wore ASICS for about a year and now I’m back to Saucony.

It was a challenging run… I’d gone out hoping for 8 miles, but thought maybe I’d just go for 5. It was hard at first. The first three intervals I thought I’d stick with the shorter run. But as I progressed, it felt better. So challenging, but satisfying. It seems thats a pattern for me as I’m getting into training after a break (I call starting training with a baby on board similar to training after a break) that the shorter runs are really hard, but the longer ones are more comfortable. So I ended up running 8 miles today for my first 20-mile week in over a month!

So it was a great weekend outdoors! This was more like a September or October weekend rather than August. I’m not complaining though after how hot its been. That was the only reason I was a little sad I didn’t run the Madison Mini yesterday. How often do you get temps in the 70s for a race in August?

And now we’re finishing a weekend outdoors with an indoor preseason football feast for the Colts and Steelers game. I made chili, and it hasn’t bothered my reflux (knock on wood)! Then we had some hot spinach dip that was really yummy, and now its time for Ben ‘n Jerry’s Fro Yo. Great ending to a great weekend.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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