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I had a follow up doctor’s appointment this morning about my acid reflux. I had a nice surprise while I was there, I got to hear baby’s heartbeat!

As I’m coming out of the morning sickness time, I’m in that in between stage where the constant nausea is a reminder of pregnancy but I don’t have the bump or feel the baby move yet. So sometimes I’m finding myself doubting if something is really in there! Silly, I know. I know something is in there, but its better when I can feel the punches (even if it means I have to pee more) and other physical indications that yes, a baby is in there.

I remember that sound well. I knew when the nurse was trying to find it which beats were me and what the baby would sound like. It always takes a little while to find the heartbeat when the baby’s still really small. She told me not to panic, and I didn’t. And then I found myself with a huge smile on my face when she finally found that magical sound. It took my breath away.

We have a couple more appointments in the next week, the first trimester screening Thursday and another prenatal appointment next Monday. So I’ll get plenty of confirmations that baby’s in there. But I’m not sure any will be as amazing as that first time I hear that magical beat. Nice and strong at 170.


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One thought on “That magical sound

  1. So so so so exciting! And soon it will be so strong she won’t have any trouble finding it.

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