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Running is still going great. I’m happy with my mileage right now, aiming to keep it around 20 mles per week and lengthening my long run to 10 or more for the half marathon Oct. 13.

But as summer is fading into fall, I have my yearly dilemma a few months early. How long do I continue running outside? Usually I have this debate when the weather starts getting cold. The issue now, however, is whether to run outside in the dark or retire to the treadmill. I’m so sad that its staying dark longer in the mornings already in August! Pretty soon it will be dark for the entire run.

Last year I sprained my ankle, very badly, running in the dark. This year in addition to concerns about my clumsiness, I’m carrying precious cargo! I do have a light now, and it worked fine last year when I got brave enough to use it.

Right now its a bit darker every morning as I start running. I was surprised how dark it was today at 5:20. The sun was starting to rise and I started on a sidewalk where I know there is good lighting. I keep my eyes trained on the sidewalk or road for cracks and rocks. It was light enough by about a half hour in. I’ll be starting my run earlier tomorrow so I think I will be using the light.

I think the plan for right now will be to run outside with my light and see how it goes. I’ll just have to evaluate as I go. As baby gets bigger I know I’ll need to be closer to a bathroom or have the ability to stop early. I’m already having a bit of round ligament pain, which can cut a run short. I know the treadmill will be the ultimate destination. But my excuse for moving inside this year won’t be just because I’m a wimp!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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