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We have our first baby pictures! Well, we did have an ultrasound a month ago at my first prenatal appointment, but I didn’t get a CD of those pictures and I can’t get my scanner to work. So these are the first easily shareable baby pictures, since I got a CD and didn’t have to scan.

We had the first trimester screening this morning, the test to determine risk of down’s syndrome and a couple other chromosomal defects. The first part wasn’t so fun, a finger prick to get a blood sample. I don’t remember everything from last pregnancy, but that finger poke today hurt just as much as I remembered it!

The second part was more fun: the ultrasound! The ultrasound is used to measure fluid behind baby’s neck. The two parts of the test are used to determine if there is risk that the baby has one of those defects. The measurements from the neck were good and it will take about a week to get the bloodwork results.

As I wrote on Monday, I’m glad to get to see and hear the baby. With the absence of morning sickness (yay!) but no visible bump or feeling movements, it doesn’t always feel real.

Baby was very active! I suppose that was in part because Mama ran 5.5 miles before the appointment. He or she kept flipping around, which made it difficult for the tech to get the right images for the measurements. They have very specific requirements for baby’s position.

Its so crazy that I have a little human being growing inside me, that he or she is flipping around and I don’t feel a thing!

It was fun to see the baby, though it got a bit uncomfortable after a little while with all the pressing on the belly. Even though I’d gone to the bathroom before the appointment, the pressure on my bladder was not a good feeling!

Tomorrow I hit 13 weeks! The first trimester is complete! Though I don’t remember if the official end of the first tri is when I hit 13 weeks or complete 13 weeks. Either way, I’m already one-third of the way through this adventure! There’s still so long to wait though! Some days thats good, other days I wish it would be here sooner!

We have the 20-week ultrasound on Oct. 12, where we will be finding out the sex. I really liked finding out with Allie and giving her an identity rather than just “it” or “he or she.”


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “Hello world!

  1. It is so weird that your due date is just a day after Tyler’s was, but a year later. I wanna say our 29 week ultrasound was somewhere around October 12th too!

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