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I ran 9 miles yesterday to finish out the week with 21.5 miles. I’ve been giving myself until the end of the month to decide if I can run a half marathon. And I have decided… It can be done!

The Haunted Hustle is Oct. 13, seven weeks away. With my mileage lately I have a lot of flexibility for how I want to train. I’ve been considering running each long run twice, increasing by a mile each week or even just a half mile each week. Most training plans go up to 10 miles for the long run. I prefer to go up to 12 or 13. Either way, I can get there. And if I don’t, I know I’m more than ready right now!

I’m basically exactly where I was when I got my positive pregnancy test at the end of June. That was seven weeks before the Madison Mini, and I ran 9 miles that day. I quickly decided the Mini wasn’t a real possibility. I probably could have tried to run it, but I think it was better for me to take it however it fell those first few weeks.

I mentioned at my prenatal appointment today about my plan to run the half marathon and my doctor was fine with it, though she did say I needed to be open to the possibility that if its not my day, I shouldn’t force it. I agree. If it happens to be 95 degrees in October, I’ll have to sit it out. And of course I’m not trying for my fastest half marathon ever. In fact, I expect it to be my slowest, and I’m OK with that. Thats part of the reason I want to train up to 12 or 13 miles just because it will be more time on my feet. My half marathon times have all been between 2:20 to 2:35ish, and I expect this one to be closer to 2:45. I think my only goal will be to finish in under three hours!

The only real unknown, in my mind anyway, is how my changing body composition will affect my running over the next seven weeks. I’m already getting bigger. I knew I’d get bigger this time, scary thought considering how big I was last time! That’s beside the point though… the point is I’m going to try it! But I might still wait a little while before signing up. Well, I have to because we don’t have it in the budget right now. The price will go up, but its probably smarter to wait a little while.

I’m excited to do this! I’m so happy I’ve been able to keep running this time. I only ran up to about 14 weeks last time, so I’m almost past there! I’m also looking forward to having a better result than Green Bay. It won’t be a better time, but should be official and have a better memory associated with it! I’ve heard that the Haunted Hustle is a really fun race. I don’t intend on dressing up for it, but maybe I’ll win something for wearing a real costume! Maybe I’ll even make a special T-shirt.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “It can be done

  1. You are my hero for continuing to train so much during pregnancy. I gave up on running farther than 5mi at about 5 weeks :). I hope you are able to do the race and enjoy it. I did the Haunted Hustle last year and really liked it (especially for a race that just loops around Middleton).

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