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The countdown is on

Thirteen days… its almost close enough for me to get the weather forecast!

I said last week was my last long run, but I lied. I ran 10.5 miles to make it 20 for the week. I had similar pelvic pain that started earlier in the run, but it didn’t linger as much afterward. And I feel more recovered today. So I don’t really know what to think of it. I tried using my SI belt for some extra support but I have no idea if it helped. I do think its time to consider a real support belt, but I don’t know even if I got one if it would be good to use it on race day.

My feelings on my race depend on what I’m doing, lol. I was feeling more doubtful after getting done with my run… in addition to the pain, it was just slow and difficult. But right now I’m feeling positive. I’m not too sure right now how I’m going to structure my runs in the next 13 days though… I know I’ll run three times this week, and I’m not sure if I’ll run once or twice race day in race week. So I have four or five more runs. I’m not sure if I’ll do a medium-long run next week or skip it. It might be better for my body to skip it.

I think yesterday’s run was slow and difficult just because I ran long two weeks in a row. I wasn’t going to… I knew it would be hard. But it might be my last 20-mile week, depending on how much I run during race week.

I’m ending September with 82 miles on the books. I logged 100 in June, then dropped in July but increased from there in August and again in September! I had hoped to maintain 80 miles a month for the rest of the year. That looks doubtful right now. My goal for the year was 900, which I know I won’t get. I do think I’ll make it to 800 though. I’m at 624 right now.

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Holding on to summer

Allie still loves her dresses. And she found this one in her laundry basket Sunday and insisted on wearing it. So Mama adapted and the result was pretty cute! I still have to dig out her winter clothes, but I found a pair of cable tights and a long sleeve white shirt. And of course the outfit is completed with the Hello Kitty shoes!

One game that Allie and Dada play is the “ticky monster.” She runs to Mama for protection from the monster, but Mama can’t usually save her. So Allie fought the ticky monster with ticky monster. She looks kind of like a zombie.

Mama’s going to have to either dig out more tights or hide the summer dresses!

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A day of choo-choo trains

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One of the activities we really like that we hadn’t gotten to yet this year is a trip to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom. Allie loves trains and we found that the museum is still open on the weekends through the fall. So we decided to head that way this afternoon. After a rough week for all of us (we all got sick!), this was a great family trip that went so well and was so fun.

North Freedom is about 10 minutes west of Baraboo, an hour from home, so we drove up to Baraboo for lunch and found a pizza buffet restaurant called Pizza Ranch. It was pretty good. Then we headed over to the train. Allie got so excited and it was so fun to see. They have hour-long train rides at 11, 1 and 3.

We got there around 1:30 and explored all the cars they had on display. They have an indoor area and also trains out on tracks around the grounds. Allie got to enjoy walking around mostly on her own as we didn’t make her hold hands everywhere. She loved looking inside the trains where we could see inside. We were very glad when it finally warmed up as there’s a good amount of attractions outside.

We got an extra highlight when we saw the train coming back from the ride that was before ours! Allie didn’t like the loud whistle though. Luckily it wasn’t as loud when we were on the train. It might not have been so much fun then!

Of course I got some really cute pictures of Allie.

This shot above wasn’t actually my idea. I saw a dad taking pictures of his kid on the train steps and decided to do it myself. Turned out great though!

Allie loved holding her ticket and ours as well. She loved when the conductor came and punched the tickets. The train goes out and then stops for a few minutes for people to get out and see the engine and then the engine moves around to the back of the train for the trip back. When the conductor came around on the trip back she got the tickets punched again!

I don’t know why she has those squinty eyes in so many pictures. No she’s not blinking! Thats just how she smiles.

And we even got a family picture in front of the train! We have so few good pictures with all three of us.

Allie was so well behaved on the train. It was kind of amazing, considering how she can be. They have a few feature rides in addition to the regular museum things, and we’re hoping to get there the weekend after Thanksgiving for the Santa Express. This museum is really a neat and relatively inexpensive place to take the family practically in our back yard!


12 miles down… taper to go!

I’m pretty sure this morning’s long run was my last before the half marathon in three weeks. I’d like to run one more, but that would have to be next weekend and I just don’t think I can run long two weeks in a row. Not to mention we’re going to a wedding next Saturday and I don’t think I’d have any fun if I ran long before driving 2 and a half hours north and then partaking in festivities.

I had my plans, but I’ve also learned to be flexible. I had wanted to run two more long runs before the race and would have preferred my last one to be two weeks before. But I also know that I’m ready with just doing one today and calling it good. If I do choose to run long next Saturday, it would only be 10 miles.

So I set out this morning for 11 miles pretty sure it would be the last long run, and hoping I’d have enough left in the tank for 12.

This run was just tough. It was cold and windy and just overcast and generally miserable. In spite of the weather, the run was actually pretty good. I’ve been running loops close to home to start my long runs so I can stop home for a bathroom break before heading out on the longer part. With the weather this morning, it looked like rain was threatening for awhile, so I went longer before stopping. For some reason my phone this morning said it was 48 when I started. I think that was definitely incorrect, maybe it hadn’t updated or something. When I stopped at 6.5 miles, said it was 41, “feels like” 33! Yikes! No wonder I was holding my sleeves over my hands the whole way! On my way out to finish, I grabbed a pair of gloves and was much more comfortable. I kept the rest of the run close to home just because I was still not completely sure on the weather.

As I was nearing the end, I was basically committed to 12, but more so when I turned to go a longer way rather than continue running into the wind, which was getting really strong by that time. I felt like the wind was constantly in my face, no matter which direction I went. Considering the wind, I consider this run awesome that I was able to accomplish it! I know fall weather can be like this, but I sure hope race day isn’t!

The last mile was hard. I’m going to be sore after this race. But I’m going to run it and finish. And, assuming I don’t have to stop every mile for bathroom breaks, I’m reasonably confident I can finish in under three hours. I ran 12 in 2:34:05. Even with a slow last mile, I think I’ll finish around or before 2:50, which isn’t that much slower than my very first half.

I’ve felt the pelvic pain that I’ve heard about when running as pregnancy progresses. It came on in the last mile, but wasn’t bad when I was running. I felt it while walking, but it didn’t really affect my walking. It did, however, become a bit of an issue a few hours later after I’d sat. I feel the pain most when I get up from sitting and for the first few steps. Ouch! My back has been pretty stiff too and my feet and legs are sore. My butt was really sore when I finished but that’s fine now. Another good reason my last long run will be race day! I also feel a general soreness in the pelvic area just sitting. I’ve heard that support belts help that. But I’m not sure how much I’ll be running after the race, so I don’t want to spend the money yet.

One thing that had surprised me thus far was the lack of soreness upon finishing or after long runs. Well, thats happening now. I have put on a few more pounds and I think I do feel my center of gravity changing, even if its just a little bit. The one thing that encouraged me was as I neared and then passed the 10-mile mark, what I did two weeks ago, I felt good and strong. My body remembered that distance from the last time. So hopefully in three weeks my body will remember 12 and maybe the end of the race won’t be too miserable. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’d figured I’d stay with running four days a week until race day. But I think I may be ready to drop to three days now. I only ran twice this week because I was sick early in the week. And at this point I’m not sure what difference four days vs. three will make. But we’ll see. Its been my goal to log 20 miles a week. But I didn’t make that last week and won’t this week. I think I will, however, hit 80 miles this month, with the help of all those long runs. Today’s run got me over 600 for the year!

So now I guess its taper time!

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Our funny kid

This was funny at first, but now is a little annoying… I still call her baby sometimes and almost every time she answers back, “I’m not baby, I’m Allie.” Dada likes to call her punkin and she says the same thing… “I’m not punkin, I’m Allie.” She does this if we call her anything other than her name, although she doesn’t correct me when I call her sweetheart.

We’ve had the air off and windows open lately and unfortunately have been dealing with flies inside. Allie points at the flies that congregate on the sliding door and says “there’s a bug in my house!” and wants dada to get it with the fly swatter. But when she says it, it sounds like “ice water” and we have to think a bit before we realize what she means. Dada’s pretty good with the fly swatter.

A few days ago, I think Wednesday, we decided to get some sandwiches from Jimmy John’s for dinner. I went in and got them and when I got back in the car Dada asked me how was it? I said they made the subs so fast I freaked! And the rest of the night Allie kept asking “why you freakin’?” It was so funny to hear her say that?

This morning we went to the farmers market and Allie was most excited about getting the corn on the cob. We had it for dinner with cracked pepper pork chops and salad. Allie likes to help shuck the corn and all day long she was saying she wanted to “shuckin’ corn.”

She runs around a lot and stumbles and sometimes gets hurt and cries. If she doesn’t get hurt, she’ll say real quick, “I’m OK.”

With the start of football, she’s heard “The Star Spangled Banner” a few times. She puts her hand over her heart and kind of sings along. The other day at dinner we all sang it and Dada kept messing up the words. It was fun.

Allie gets stuck on one or two toys at a time and carries them around all the time. This week she’s been stuck on a baby that she brought home from Bridget’s house and her swimsuit… she’s been carrying them around for at least three days. When we sit down for meals she knows its the rule that her toy has to sit at the other end of the table so it doesn’t get dirty. She cries when we take the swimsuit away. I think we need to take this kid swimming! Too bad we didn’t get into swimming lessons for the fall. We’re hoping to swim at the hotel when we go to a wedding in a couple weeks. But back to her obsessions… she also gets fixated on books. We let her choose her bedtime book for nap and at night. For awhile it was “The Littlest Pumpkin.” Lately though its been “The Cat in the Hat.” Its a great book… its just long! We try hiding things but she cries for them or finds them because we don’t hide them well.

This has been kind of a low key weekend for us because when Allie didn’t sleep well last night, we weren’t surprised to find her with a runny nose this morning. It seems our baby – who’s not a baby, but Allie – has a little cold. It doesn’t seem bad. We just have a runny nose and low energy. We had some nice snuggles this morning and this afternoon. It stinks that these snuggles are a byproduct of her being sick!

So we went to the farmers market this morning and I think tomorrow we’ll just relax at home and maybe all go to the grocery store together if Allie seems up to it. In spite of her low energy she hasn’t been sleeping as much as I thought she would, so I’m really hoping she’ll sleep a lot tomorrow.

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So far, so good

Today marks 16 weeks… not really a significant milestone, but significant enough for me. Every week is closer to meeting our new little one! I’m still running and aside from the still persistent bloating and slightly worsening acid reflux, I’m feeling good.

I’ve been feeling baby move off and on for about a week and a half. I was really surprised to feel baby kick up a storm a week ago Wednesday, when I wasn’t even 15 weeks yet. I have no doubt that was the baby because the movements I feel now are the same and I describe it the same way I did back in 2009, it felt like my lower abdomen was twitching. But I didn’t feel baby for a few days after that, not that I panicked or anything. I just figured he or she had burrowed back down deep. The last few days I’ve started feeling the twitches again occasionally. I looked through blog entries from when I was pregnant with Allie and I felt movement around 16 weeks last time too.

I’m quite amazed to report that I’m still wearing mostly the same size jeans. There have been a few pairs that were retired early on and a few pairs that are about to be retired. I have a few pairs one size up. But my size hasn’t ballooned like it did last time. I am wearing more maternity shirts because they’re just more comfortable. And I do think I’ll be moving to maternity pants soon. As I write this I have my jeans unbuttoned! I just hope I don’t rip out any jeans like I did last time.

In general, I’m in much better shape physically this time around. I went through blog entries from summer 2009, when I was between 16 and 24 weeks pregnant with Allie. I wrote a lot about round ligament pain. So far this time, I’ve barely had any. That pain was a big reason I gave up on running last time. I really only have round ligament pain sometimes when rolling over in bed or if I get up too quick from sitting. I think I had it maybe once on a run and that was because I was badly bloated and probably shouldn’t have gone out that night.

My weight gain, depending on which weight I count as my “starting” weight, is between 9 and 15 pounds. I gained 14 pounds just in the first trimester last time, so this is awesome to me. I wrote in June 2009 that I had gained 25 pounds at between 18 and 20 weeks. Surely I’m not going to gain 10 pounds in the next two to four weeks, right? I credit the running and I think too my thyroid medication for slower weight gain this time around.

I’m not showing yet, at least not from the baby bump. I’ve been showing for awhile with the baby pushing my gut out. But even that in some shirts isn’t terribly prominent.

The Haunted Hustle is four weeks from tomorrow. I ran 10 miles last weekend and am planning to run 11 this weekend. I’m not going to try long runs more than two weeks in a row. So next weekend I’ll go shorter and have my last long run on Sept. 29, two weeks before. That will make for a long day as I’ll have to get it out of the way early since we’ll be heading up north to my cousin’s wedding that day!

Then two weeks later will be race day. I know I’ll be ready. I wish race day was tomorrow! After the half marathon, I’m thinking I’ll probably cut back to running three days a week and do some other cross training. I won’t have much reason to keep the mileage at my current level after the race. But who knows, maybe it will just feel good to keep running four days a week.

I’m still nervous about how my body will change in the next four weeks. I wore long sleeves for my run this morning and that shirt is getting short. I still wear my water belt, so that helps me wear the shirts that don’t fit that well. But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to wear it! Hopefully I can keep wearing it until race day.

I’m also curious about how many times I’ll have to stop for the bathroom on race day. A few weeks ago I started on my long runs to run smaller loops close to home and stop home to use the bathroom after 3 miles or so. Some recent runs I’ve felt like I needed to go early on even though I typically do twice before heading out.

Another thing I looked up from 2009 today was when I stopped running. I wrote about my final attempt in July 2009 at about 23 weeks. That run went OK and then I tried at some point later and didn’t make it far with the round ligament pain. I wrote at 23 weeks it was my first attempt in a month. So I guess I stopped around 19 weeks last time. I had thought it was sooner than that. I do remember though that attempts had gotten fewer and farther between and probably shorter before I ultimately stopped.

Whatever happens leading up to the race, I’m fine with it. I’m amazed I’ve done this well! I have so many people telling me they’re impressed with my running. No one is more impressed than me! I’m just so incredibly glad to have a network of supportive people around me. I couldn’t do this without any of them.

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New shoes!

Temps went up the last couple days, but we knew the weather was supposed to get cold this week. It took awhile to remember that dressing Allie in cooler weather also includes shoes that aren’t flip flops! And we found out on another chilly day that Allie’s two pairs of sneakers no longer fit!

So this evening after trying on a couple pairs of long pants to be sure they weren’t too short, we headed to Target to buy some new shoes!

Allie was sooooo excited to get new shoes. And we got there and searched around a little bit and found these Hello Kitty shoes! Once we got home, Allie had to put them on to show them off to Dada. She couldn’t wait for me to take the strings and tags off!

And now she also has a Hello Kitty box to put stuff in! We got home late from the store and we had to convince Allie it was time to take off the shoes and go to bed.

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A family fall day

We had another nice hike along the Lakeshore Path this morning before settling in for football. The whole area is so pretty!

I got some really nice pictures of Allie here. She enjoyed stepping up on the big rocks and toward the end as she got tired, sitting on them.

Next it was home for football. Allie got a nice nap and Mama did too! In between, Mama made a feast of munchies for lunch including pizza rolls (which I don’t generally care for, but they were really good today), store bought bean dip and chips and homemade spinach dip with bread and some iced tea to drink. I made chili for dinner, so the perfect football feast. The only thing that was missing was the beer, but it’ll be a few months until I can again imbibe!

Dessert was pumpkin bars! Allie was really interested in watching as I made them and helping me in some cases. She even got to lick the bowl from both the bar batter and the frosting!

Allie had her dinner early and she was so excited to try the pumpkin bars. We made her eat all her dinner before letting her sample her work. She was seeming to really enjoy it until she took a bite. She enjoyed the pumpkin batter and the frosting. But I don’t know if the combination was too sweet or if it was just too gooey or what, but she didn’t actually take a bite, even though thats what it looks like in the picture. She’s also started saying she doesn’t like things even though we know she does like them. One of the other kids at daycare said that last week about cottage cheese so now Allie is saying it because its fun? Who konws, Mama and Dada sure enjoyed the pumpkin bars!

I used this recipe for the pumpkin bars. I’ve wanted to make pumpkin bars in the past, but could only find huge recipes, the ones that you make in the full sheet pan. Well on Friday I stumbled across this one made in a regular 9X13 pan. And of course it has the cream cheese frosting! The bars matched the day, the weekend really. Fall was really in the air. I’ll be making these bars again!

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Grandma and Grandpa’s house

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Last week when we told Allie on Thursday that Baby Tyler was coming, she asked to see him for the remaining three days until he came. Then this week when we decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and that Baby Tyler was going to be there, I did the same thing! Silly Mama!

Paul had knee replacement surgery last week, so we went to visit and bring Mom and Paul lunch from Culvers. Baby Tyler was taking a nap when we got there so Allie did eat, a little. We made her macaroni and cheese. She got to eat in the living room and did that very well. Then she had grapes and goldfish. It was probably the best she’s eaten all week.

Then Baby Tyler woke up! Aunt Jessica gave him his bottle, with help from his cousin Allie! While it was kind of hard to keep the bottle in place with Allie holding onto it, it was also really cute and yet another glimpse of what it will be like with two kids in the house. But that glimpse also showed me how much of a challenge it will be too!

It was a nice afternoon. Mom and Dad appreciated the lunch and it was nice to just hang around and chat without the craziness of having the entire family there. And now Dada is eagerly awaiting the first NFL Sunday of the year. Niether of us think he’ll sleep tonight.


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Silly nerves

I’ve run 10 or more miles lost of times before. Yet everytime I get ready for that first double digit run, I still get nervous. And I was especially nervous today and for the last week. I had planned 10 miles last week, but unexpected fatigue led to an unplanned cutback week and my confidence was a little shaken. Then I was hoping to run 10 miles on Monday, but that didn’t work out at all. So with the delay, I just kept wondering if I could do it, even though I totally knew I could!

Last night when I told Doug about my nerves, I just felt silly, but still a little nervous. We have a lot going on this weekend, so the only time I could really fit in 10 miles was at 6 this morning. So I got up and got started. It was beautiful just before sunrise at 5:45, though a little chilly with the breeze. It was a gorgeous sunrise and it get nicer as the sun warmed it up a bit.

I ran the first 4 miles in different loops close to home so I could stop home for a bathroom break if necessary. I did that when I ran 9 a couple weeks ago and it worked well. It helped break the run up and prevent the boredom I sometimes have when I’m running loops to lengthen my 5-mile route to make whatever distance I’m looking for.

I really like the longer intervals because it made time feel like it was going faster. Before I knew it I was past the 90-minute mark and in the time of the run where I start getting pretty tired. It wasn’t too bad though. My feet didn’t hurt at all, which is really good. The only little concern might be a little soreness on the left side of my groin that developed in about the last half hour. It is still a little sore a couple hours later but not terrible. I’ll watch out for it for sure.

So I got 10 miles done despite my nerves! And my confidence is back. I don’t suppose it was really gone, but I think there’s always going to be some degree of uncertainty as I run for two.

Only five week until race day! I’m not sure how I’ll structure those weeks. I’ve learned I need more frequent cutback weeks than I used to. So I may do 11 next week and then cutback the week after that, then 12 two weeks before race day and then a taper. But that all depends on how I feel.