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Where did the summer go? It feels like we got cheated… it was 100 degrees for half of June and most of July, so we couldn’t really do anything. We have a list of things we wanted to do that we just didn’t get to! Then once it cooled down, it felt to me like fall. Then it started feeling like summer again, real summer. And then just like that, its September?

But anyway, today we were an active family taking in the outdoors. We were really only home while Allie was napping. We got going early this morning for a little morning hike on the Lakeshore Path. We went on the section that goes to Frautschi Point. It was so pretty there!

This path is more primitive than the other paths we’ve traveled on the Lakeshore Path. The signs said no bikes, and while it didn’t specifically say no strollers, we decided to see what would happen if we let Allie walk. And that went well! It was good we didn’t take the stroller too because there were plenty of places where the stroller wouldn’t have been able to go.

Actually, this is a steep drop off that none of us went down… I wanted to, but Doug said I couldn’t since I’m pregnant and we had Allie with us. So we’ll have to explore this section next year.

Allie walked the entire time. And she was so cute because she did everything Dada did. If he jumped on a rock, she did. If he threw a stick in the woods, she did. I just love how once you get into the forest, it feels so remote… yet I knew we weren’t far from civilization at all.

When we were done hiking, we could hear the UW Marching Band playing in the distance, so we decided to drive toward their practice field. We drove around a bit and got a parking space, so we decided to get out and watch them play and march. I’m not sure if Mama or Allie enjoyed that more… I’ve been thinking about my marching band days today! I think I’d be better at it now than I was 10 years ago… I’m in way better shape. But back to the UW band… Allie really liked watching them march.

So we went home and had a true hodge podge leftover lunch, played a bit, and then put Allie down for her nap. She was tired out for sure and fell asleep quick. Mama used this time to run, 7 miles. I’d planned 10 today, but this week has been a tough running week, so I decided to cut back. I actually now am thinking about doing 10 on Monday.

Once I got home and showered, we got Allie up from her nap to head to Taste of Madison! We’ve been to Taste of Madison every year we lived here except last year. Its fun to try the different foods from restaurants we don’t usually go to. Its annoying that its so expensive now though… when we first went waaaay back in 2007, everything was a dollar. Now menu items are $1 to $4, and it seemed like the stuff you really want is $4! Its really easy to spend a lot of money there.

Yet another meal of mac & cheese. She had the same thing for lunch. This mac & cheese was really good though, from The Old Fashioned.

In between the main meal and dessert, we saw police on horseback in one corner of the square. That was fun.

Then we headed off to find dessert. This is what Allie had…

Thats a chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting. I realize I’ve posted two pictures of her eating chocolate junk food within the same week, but I swear she doesn’t eat like that on a regular basis. The being said… she reeeeally enjoyed it.

This was the first time we went to Taste of Madison on Saturday night. We usually go Sunday afternoon, but we’re busy tomorrow. I liked going in the evening, Doug didn’t. We got home late and it was time for bed for Allie… she was only home to sleep today!

Talk about an active day! My legs are quite sore now from all the activity… I’m glad I only ran 7 miles and that I wasn’t planning on running tomorrow. Baby Tyler, along with Aunt Jeni and Uncle Dave are coming tomorrow. We told Allie about this visit on Thursday night and she’s been asking to see Baby Tyler ever since. I expect this is the highlight of the weekend for her! We’ve had a great last weekend of summer so far. And there are still two more days! Why can’t every weekend be three days long?


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