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Last week when we told Allie on Thursday that Baby Tyler was coming, she asked to see him for the remaining three days until he came. Then this week when we decided to go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, and that Baby Tyler was going to be there, I did the same thing! Silly Mama!

Paul had knee replacement surgery last week, so we went to visit and bring Mom and Paul lunch from Culvers. Baby Tyler was taking a nap when we got there so Allie did eat, a little. We made her macaroni and cheese. She got to eat in the living room and did that very well. Then she had grapes and goldfish. It was probably the best she’s eaten all week.

Then Baby Tyler woke up! Aunt Jessica gave him his bottle, with help from his cousin Allie! While it was kind of hard to keep the bottle in place with Allie holding onto it, it was also really cute and yet another glimpse of what it will be like with two kids in the house. But that glimpse also showed me how much of a challenge it will be too!

It was a nice afternoon. Mom and Dad appreciated the lunch and it was nice to just hang around and chat without the craziness of having the entire family there. And now Dada is eagerly awaiting the first NFL Sunday of the year. Niether of us think he’ll sleep tonight.



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