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We had another nice hike along the Lakeshore Path this morning before settling in for football. The whole area is so pretty!

I got some really nice pictures of Allie here. She enjoyed stepping up on the big rocks and toward the end as she got tired, sitting on them.

Next it was home for football. Allie got a nice nap and Mama did too! In between, Mama made a feast of munchies for lunch including pizza rolls (which I don’t generally care for, but they were really good today), store bought bean dip and chips and homemade spinach dip with bread and some iced tea to drink. I made chili for dinner, so the perfect football feast. The only thing that was missing was the beer, but it’ll be a few months until I can again imbibe!

Dessert was pumpkin bars! Allie was really interested in watching as I made them and helping me in some cases. She even got to lick the bowl from both the bar batter and the frosting!

Allie had her dinner early and she was so excited to try the pumpkin bars. We made her eat all her dinner before letting her sample her work. She was seeming to really enjoy it until she took a bite. She enjoyed the pumpkin batter and the frosting. But I don’t know if the combination was too sweet or if it was just too gooey or what, but she didn’t actually take a bite, even though thats what it looks like in the picture. She’s also started saying she doesn’t like things even though we know she does like them. One of the other kids at daycare said that last week about cottage cheese so now Allie is saying it because its fun? Who konws, Mama and Dada sure enjoyed the pumpkin bars!

I used this recipe for the pumpkin bars. I’ve wanted to make pumpkin bars in the past, but could only find huge recipes, the ones that you make in the full sheet pan. Well on Friday I stumbled across this one made in a regular 9X13 pan. And of course it has the cream cheese frosting! The bars matched the day, the weekend really. Fall was really in the air. I’ll be making these bars again!


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I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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