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Today marks 16 weeks… not really a significant milestone, but significant enough for me. Every week is closer to meeting our new little one! I’m still running and aside from the still persistent bloating and slightly worsening acid reflux, I’m feeling good.

I’ve been feeling baby move off and on for about a week and a half. I was really surprised to feel baby kick up a storm a week ago Wednesday, when I wasn’t even 15 weeks yet. I have no doubt that was the baby because the movements I feel now are the same and I describe it the same way I did back in 2009, it felt like my lower abdomen was twitching. But I didn’t feel baby for a few days after that, not that I panicked or anything. I just figured he or she had burrowed back down deep. The last few days I’ve started feeling the twitches again occasionally. I looked through blog entries from when I was pregnant with Allie and I felt movement around 16 weeks last time too.

I’m quite amazed to report that I’m still wearing mostly the same size jeans. There have been a few pairs that were retired early on and a few pairs that are about to be retired. I have a few pairs one size up. But my size hasn’t ballooned like it did last time. I am wearing more maternity shirts because they’re just more comfortable. And I do think I’ll be moving to maternity pants soon. As I write this I have my jeans unbuttoned! I just hope I don’t rip out any jeans like I did last time.

In general, I’m in much better shape physically this time around. I went through blog entries from summer 2009, when I was between 16 and 24 weeks pregnant with Allie. I wrote a lot about round ligament pain. So far this time, I’ve barely had any. That pain was a big reason I gave up on running last time. I really only have round ligament pain sometimes when rolling over in bed or if I get up too quick from sitting. I think I had it maybe once on a run and that was because I was badly bloated and probably shouldn’t have gone out that night.

My weight gain, depending on which weight I count as my “starting” weight, is between 9 and 15 pounds. I gained 14 pounds just in the first trimester last time, so this is awesome to me. I wrote in June 2009 that I had gained 25 pounds at between 18 and 20 weeks. Surely I’m not going to gain 10 pounds in the next two to four weeks, right? I credit the running and I think too my thyroid medication for slower weight gain this time around.

I’m not showing yet, at least not from the baby bump. I’ve been showing for awhile with the baby pushing my gut out. But even that in some shirts isn’t terribly prominent.

The Haunted Hustle is four weeks from tomorrow. I ran 10 miles last weekend and am planning to run 11 this weekend. I’m not going to try long runs more than two weeks in a row. So next weekend I’ll go shorter and have my last long run on Sept. 29, two weeks before. That will make for a long day as I’ll have to get it out of the way early since we’ll be heading up north to my cousin’s wedding that day!

Then two weeks later will be race day. I know I’ll be ready. I wish race day was tomorrow! After the half marathon, I’m thinking I’ll probably cut back to running three days a week and do some other cross training. I won’t have much reason to keep the mileage at my current level after the race. But who knows, maybe it will just feel good to keep running four days a week.

I’m still nervous about how my body will change in the next four weeks. I wore long sleeves for my run this morning and that shirt is getting short. I still wear my water belt, so that helps me wear the shirts that don’t fit that well. But I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to wear it! Hopefully I can keep wearing it until race day.

I’m also curious about how many times I’ll have to stop for the bathroom on race day. A few weeks ago I started on my long runs to run smaller loops close to home and stop home to use the bathroom after 3 miles or so. Some recent runs I’ve felt like I needed to go early on even though I typically do twice before heading out.

Another thing I looked up from 2009 today was when I stopped running. I wrote about my final attempt in July 2009 at about 23 weeks. That run went OK and then I tried at some point later and didn’t make it far with the round ligament pain. I wrote at 23 weeks it was my first attempt in a month. So I guess I stopped around 19 weeks last time. I had thought it was sooner than that. I do remember though that attempts had gotten fewer and farther between and probably shorter before I ultimately stopped.

Whatever happens leading up to the race, I’m fine with it. I’m amazed I’ve done this well! I have so many people telling me they’re impressed with my running. No one is more impressed than me! I’m just so incredibly glad to have a network of supportive people around me. I couldn’t do this without any of them.


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “So far, so good

  1. Glad to hear things are going so well with running for you. I can’t imagine doing a 1/2 marathon at 20 weeks. Heck, at 26 weeks I’m glad to do a 1/2 mile. Although I will say, I borrowed this belly support band from a friend, and it really really really helps you not feel like everything is getting squashed by your belly with every step you run.

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