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This was funny at first, but now is a little annoying… I still call her baby sometimes and almost every time she answers back, “I’m not baby, I’m Allie.” Dada likes to call her punkin and she says the same thing… “I’m not punkin, I’m Allie.” She does this if we call her anything other than her name, although she doesn’t correct me when I call her sweetheart.

We’ve had the air off and windows open lately and unfortunately have been dealing with flies inside. Allie points at the flies that congregate on the sliding door and says “there’s a bug in my house!” and wants dada to get it with the fly swatter. But when she says it, it sounds like “ice water” and we have to think a bit before we realize what she means. Dada’s pretty good with the fly swatter.

A few days ago, I think Wednesday, we decided to get some sandwiches from Jimmy John’s for dinner. I went in and got them and when I got back in the car Dada asked me how was it? I said they made the subs so fast I freaked! And the rest of the night Allie kept asking “why you freakin’?” It was so funny to hear her say that?

This morning we went to the farmers market and Allie was most excited about getting the corn on the cob. We had it for dinner with cracked pepper pork chops and salad. Allie likes to help shuck the corn and all day long she was saying she wanted to “shuckin’ corn.”

She runs around a lot and stumbles and sometimes gets hurt and cries. If she doesn’t get hurt, she’ll say real quick, “I’m OK.”

With the start of football, she’s heard “The Star Spangled Banner” a few times. She puts her hand over her heart and kind of sings along. The other day at dinner we all sang it and Dada kept messing up the words. It was fun.

Allie gets stuck on one or two toys at a time and carries them around all the time. This week she’s been stuck on a baby that she brought home from Bridget’s house and her swimsuit… she’s been carrying them around for at least three days. When we sit down for meals she knows its the rule that her toy has to sit at the other end of the table so it doesn’t get dirty. She cries when we take the swimsuit away. I think we need to take this kid swimming! Too bad we didn’t get into swimming lessons for the fall. We’re hoping to swim at the hotel when we go to a wedding in a couple weeks. But back to her obsessions… she also gets fixated on books. We let her choose her bedtime book for nap and at night. For awhile it was “The Littlest Pumpkin.” Lately though its been “The Cat in the Hat.” Its a great book… its just long! We try hiding things but she cries for them or finds them because we don’t hide them well.

This has been kind of a low key weekend for us because when Allie didn’t sleep well last night, we weren’t surprised to find her with a runny nose this morning. It seems our baby – who’s not a baby, but Allie – has a little cold. It doesn’t seem bad. We just have a runny nose and low energy. We had some nice snuggles this morning and this afternoon. It stinks that these snuggles are a byproduct of her being sick!

So we went to the farmers market this morning and I think tomorrow we’ll just relax at home and maybe all go to the grocery store together if Allie seems up to it. In spite of her low energy she hasn’t been sleeping as much as I thought she would, so I’m really hoping she’ll sleep a lot tomorrow.


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