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12 miles down… taper to go!


I’m pretty sure this morning’s long run was my last before the half marathon in three weeks. I’d like to run one more, but that would have to be next weekend and I just don’t think I can run long two weeks in a row. Not to mention we’re going to a wedding next Saturday and I don’t think I’d have any fun if I ran long before driving 2 and a half hours north and then partaking in festivities.

I had my plans, but I’ve also learned to be flexible. I had wanted to run two more long runs before the race and would have preferred my last one to be two weeks before. But I also know that I’m ready with just doing one today and calling it good. If I do choose to run long next Saturday, it would only be 10 miles.

So I set out this morning for 11 miles pretty sure it would be the last long run, and hoping I’d have enough left in the tank for 12.

This run was just tough. It was cold and windy and just overcast and generally miserable. In spite of the weather, the run was actually pretty good. I’ve been running loops close to home to start my long runs so I can stop home for a bathroom break before heading out on the longer part. With the weather this morning, it looked like rain was threatening for awhile, so I went longer before stopping. For some reason my phone this morning said it was 48 when I started. I think that was definitely incorrect, maybe it hadn’t updated or something. When I stopped at 6.5 miles, said it was 41, “feels like” 33! Yikes! No wonder I was holding my sleeves over my hands the whole way! On my way out to finish, I grabbed a pair of gloves and was much more comfortable. I kept the rest of the run close to home just because I was still not completely sure on the weather.

As I was nearing the end, I was basically committed to 12, but more so when I turned to go a longer way rather than continue running into the wind, which was getting really strong by that time. I felt like the wind was constantly in my face, no matter which direction I went. Considering the wind, I consider this run awesome that I was able to accomplish it! I know fall weather can be like this, but I sure hope race day isn’t!

The last mile was hard. I’m going to be sore after this race. But I’m going to run it and finish. And, assuming I don’t have to stop every mile for bathroom breaks, I’m reasonably confident I can finish in under three hours. I ran 12 in 2:34:05. Even with a slow last mile, I think I’ll finish around or before 2:50, which isn’t that much slower than my very first half.

I’ve felt the pelvic pain that I’ve heard about when running as pregnancy progresses. It came on in the last mile, but wasn’t bad when I was running. I felt it while walking, but it didn’t really affect my walking. It did, however, become a bit of an issue a few hours later after I’d sat. I feel the pain most when I get up from sitting and for the first few steps. Ouch! My back has been pretty stiff too and my feet and legs are sore. My butt was really sore when I finished but that’s fine now. Another good reason my last long run will be race day! I also feel a general soreness in the pelvic area just sitting. I’ve heard that support belts help that. But I’m not sure how much I’ll be running after the race, so I don’t want to spend the money yet.

One thing that had surprised me thus far was the lack of soreness upon finishing or after long runs. Well, thats happening now. I have put on a few more pounds and I think I do feel my center of gravity changing, even if its just a little bit. The one thing that encouraged me was as I neared and then passed the 10-mile mark, what I did two weeks ago, I felt good and strong. My body remembered that distance from the last time. So hopefully in three weeks my body will remember 12 and maybe the end of the race won’t be too miserable. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I’d figured I’d stay with running four days a week until race day. But I think I may be ready to drop to three days now. I only ran twice this week because I was sick early in the week. And at this point I’m not sure what difference four days vs. three will make. But we’ll see. Its been my goal to log 20 miles a week. But I didn’t make that last week and won’t this week. I think I will, however, hit 80 miles this month, with the help of all those long runs. Today’s run got me over 600 for the year!

So now I guess its taper time!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “12 miles down… taper to go!

  1. Way to hang in there and finish the long run. The pelvic pain you are describing is exactly what sidelined me. You could try getting a belly support band. I’ve found that makes running much more comfortable. I’m not sure where you buy them, though. I borrowed the one I’m using now.

    • Well I’m going to wait and find out if I get it on any run now or just the long ones. I don’t want to spend the money yet if its only going to happen on long runs. I have one or two more at most. And I have no idea how much I’ll run after the race. I keep making plans and they seem to change by the day!

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