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A day of choo-choo trains

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One of the activities we really like that we hadn’t gotten to yet this year is a trip to the Mid-Continent Railway Museum in North Freedom. Allie loves trains and we found that the museum is still open on the weekends through the fall. So we decided to head that way this afternoon. After a rough week for all of us (we all got sick!), this was a great family trip that went so well and was so fun.

North Freedom is about 10 minutes west of Baraboo, an hour from home, so we drove up to Baraboo for lunch and found a pizza buffet restaurant called Pizza Ranch. It was pretty good. Then we headed over to the train. Allie got so excited and it was so fun to see. They have hour-long train rides at 11, 1 and 3.

We got there around 1:30 and explored all the cars they had on display. They have an indoor area and also trains out on tracks around the grounds. Allie got to enjoy walking around mostly on her own as we didn’t make her hold hands everywhere. She loved looking inside the trains where we could see inside. We were very glad when it finally warmed up as there’s a good amount of attractions outside.

We got an extra highlight when we saw the train coming back from the ride that was before ours! Allie didn’t like the loud whistle though. Luckily it wasn’t as loud when we were on the train. It might not have been so much fun then!

Of course I got some really cute pictures of Allie.

This shot above wasn’t actually my idea. I saw a dad taking pictures of his kid on the train steps and decided to do it myself. Turned out great though!

Allie loved holding her ticket and ours as well. She loved when the conductor came and punched the tickets. The train goes out and then stops for a few minutes for people to get out and see the engine and then the engine moves around to the back of the train for the trip back. When the conductor came around on the trip back she got the tickets punched again!

I don’t know why she has those squinty eyes in so many pictures. No she’s not blinking! Thats just how she smiles.

And we even got a family picture in front of the train! We have so few good pictures with all three of us.

Allie was so well behaved on the train. It was kind of amazing, considering how she can be. They have a few feature rides in addition to the regular museum things, and we’re hoping to get there the weekend after Thanksgiving for the Santa Express. This museum is really a neat and relatively inexpensive place to take the family practically in our back yard!

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