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And the festivities continue

Happy Halloween everyone! One day Allie’s the birthday girl and the next she’s Minnie Mouse! She picked this costume out herself a couple weeks ago. I didn’t think to take it out of the bag until this morning, so it was a little wrinkled, but still adorable! She was very excited to wear tights and her pretty shoes again. She was also very excited for Mama to draw whiskers on her face! But halfway through she tried to change her mind. Luckily I got her to let me finish.

And can’t you tell Allie was SO excited to be dressed as Minnie Mouse? Dada said she wore the ears through breakfast. She wore a pretty dress yesterday for her birthday and then Minnie Mouse dress today. I’m not sure how she’ll react to wearing normal clothes tomorrow.

Allie had a great birthday. We had a lot of fun with Bridget, Taegan and Gianna at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I was surprised at how much Allie loved it but I think it helped that the older girls were there to play with her. I think it wouldn’t have been quite so interesting if it was just Doug and me taking her. Thats why I’m glad Allie’s going to have a brother!

The only minor snag was when my camera batteries died while Allie was opening presents. The low battery indicator hadn’t even shown up. So I was afraid it was something worse and that I wouldn’t be able to get the pictures off the camera. But I changed the batteries this morning and the camera’s fine. I took the last few pictures on my phone. It will take some time to get the photos all organized though since this is a really busy week and I have to get the pictures from two different sources. I hope to post them soon though!

Tonight we’re hoping to take Allie trick-or-treating for the first time. Its pretty cold and windy today, but we’re hoping to take her to a couple houses. We’ll have to drive around a bit because our part of the neighborhood doesn’t seem to take part in handing out candy much. I’ll also try to snap a few pictures of the trick-or-treating, but those may take a little while to post as well.

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Happy birthday Allie!

I love these pictures, our first family pictures (in spite of what I look like!). We’ve had plenty of adventures since the day you were born, my goofy little Allie! And we’re looking forward to many more!

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Pretty cake

Clearly I have no future in cake decorating… or food photography.

Or cake spelling for that matter. I posted a picture in one of my Facebook groups and someone pointed out I missed the “H” in birthday! Hence, the little “H!”

It doesn’t matter what the cake looks like though… I know it will taste good! And Allie doesn’t care what it looks like. She had a ball watching me make her “pretty cake.”

I was trying to get a picture of her watching the mixer and she kept looking at the camera instead.

I can’t believe my baby is turning 3 tomorrow! Three years ago tonight I went to the hospital and was so upset when they sent me home. I didn’t get a lot of sleep that night! Oct. 30, 2009 was one of the hardest and most amazing days of my life.

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22 weeks… Where’d that belly come from?

22 weeks, 2 days

OK yes, I’ve had a belly for awhile. But suddenly in less than a day, look how big and round its gotten! Seriously, it didn’t look like this yesterday.

I’ve definitely noticed a change through this week. Peyton’s kicking up higher, and harder, and more frequently. Friday he started kicking my bladder. I’m quite exhausted and at the same time sleeping is getting a bit more uncomfortable. Today I’ve learned the fun that comes from chasing after a toddler in later pregnancy, and I’ve still got 18 weeks to go! Allie likes to be carried up the stairs even though she’s capable of walking on her own. I try to have Dada carry her up the stairs now because I get winded just carrying myself up the stairs sometimes!

I got a bit of an ego boost today. I had my fall band concert this afternoon and hadn’t exactly planned what I would wear. I had a pair of black maternity pants that I really loved that I just can’t find. I knew there was a pair in the box my sister gave me, and thought I’d wear those. But they were still way too big. So in desperation I went for my regular black pants… that are a size 12. But they’re a bigger 12 and stretchy. Well, lucky me, they fit! I could even button them… but I chose not to because I knew that would be uncomfortable. And by the time I finally got to change into my comfy clothes later, I wasn’t going to try wearing them again. But its nice to know I could!

In spite of the bouts of tiredness, I’m still feeling good. With my 4.5-miler on the treadmill this afternoon I’ve officially run through 22 weeks of pregnancy. I wanted to run farther, but I ran short on time and I also wasn’t really feeling a longer run. I think I’m starting to officially let go of any kind of mileage goal. I guess I feel OK about that, but weird at the same time. I just keep telling myself I’m glad I’m even doing this!



Well, actually I’m a little over halfway. I’ll be 22 weeks on Friday.

At just over halfway through, I’m feeling good! I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and the biggest thing that makes me happy is I don’t have to increase my thyroid meds this month! So far my thyroid medicine has been increased three times since I’ve been pregnant. I get to have my thyroid tested every time I go to the doctor!

The other thing that is encouraging to me is that my weight seems more in control at this point. I’ve gained 17 pounds officially. I wrote in the blog last pregnancy that I was already up 25 pounds around 19 weeks. So I’m almost three weeks later and only up 17! And the number on the scale is 12 pounds less than it was at this time with Allie. My belly is measuring right where it should at 21 cm. Its supposed to be the same as the number of weeks, plus or minus two. With Allie I was always about plus four.

Running is definitely helping me this time. I’m going to remember this whenever I don’t want to run! My doctor told me Monday she remembered me being really tired throughout my first pregnancy. I don’t remember that. But I am feeling great this time. So running is helping with more than just my weight!

The only negative thing I have going on is I’m starting to have symphysis pubis dysfunction, or SPD. Its a common condition in pregnancy where the ligaments that hold the pelvic bone together get relaxed (like everything else) and it gets unstable and painful. Its not that bad yet and my doctor didn’t seem too concerned. I don’t know that running has caused it, my doctor said its more common in second pregnancies. Probably one of those things that happens because everything’s already been stretched out once. The good news is right now its not bad at all. I feel slight pain first thing in the morning and sometimes when I stand up after sitting for awhile. It hasn’t bothered my running or other activities. It could get worse, but the good news is it should go away after giving birth.

I guess it will just be filed with those things that I can mostly live with, like round ligament pain. Hopefully niether will get so bad that I have to restrict any activities.

Its so funny that time seems to be going to slow and so fast at the same time! Its so weird that I’m already nearly 22 weeks… but I still have 18 weeks to go! Some days I want those weeks to go super fast and other times I just want time to stop.

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Princess jammies

While we’re on the subject of jammies… here’s Allie’s other favorite jammies. She found them in the laundry Saturday when I was putting it away. While I put the rest in her dresser, she put them on over her sleeper. Then she had a fit when it was time to take them off to get dressed for our trip to the pumpkin patch. We had to have a time out to calm down so she could get dressed. We let her take the jammies with her in the car. She put them on a few more times over her other clothes. Needless to say, when we got home, we got her into her jammies right away!

She got these jammies from Grandma and Grandpa Durso for Christmas last year, but only wore them a few times because a hole ripped in the butt. I could tell they weren’t put together well. I happened to find them when I was organizing Allie clothes/closet and took them along when we went down to see Grandma and Grandpa Swanson the next day. And Grandma fixed them! I found the shirt and Allie wore them the next night. She was so excited! Every time she wears them, she shouts “Grandma fixed them!”