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It’s a boy!

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Yesterday we had the 20-week ultrasound! It was so exciting to see our baby again. Everything is looking good. He’s developing as he should and they found no sign of defects! The doctor told us that combined with the good results from the first trimester screen give us indication that everything is great and I can just enjoy pregnancy!

Perhaps the most exciting news of the day… we’re having a BOY! I’d been kind of indifferent, it didn’t matter to me one way or the other. Whereas I really wanted Allie to be a girl. But I thought this was a boy and I was right! That makes 2 for 2 because I knew Allie would be a girl too!

So we have to get a whole new wardrobe, which I’m sure won’t be too difficult. The hard part will be storing everything. We have boxes and boxes of clothes from Allie’s first three years. We don’t have room to store that many clothes times two! I may have to donate some of Allie’s old clothes or something. Or I do still have a lot of stuff from college and earlier in the basement that I could stand to get rid of. I’m sure I’ll figure something else out later in pregnancy when I’m nesting.

The easier part of a boy is the name. We’d come up with a possible girl name that wasn’t final. But we had they boy name.

His name is Peyton Dennis Durso. No, not after the quarterback! We like the name and think it goes well with Dennis. Dennis has been picked out for a long time. I decided a long time ago I won’t name any of my kids after anyone but my dad, who died when I was 12. So we had Dennis picked if Allie had been a boy, though at that time a different first name.

Peyton weighs about 12 ounces, based on measurements taken of his head, his stomach and femur. I don’t remember what they said Allie weighed at that ultrasound, but she measured at 20 weeks 6 days. Peyton measured at 20 weeks 1 day, so I’d assume that means he’s a little smaller at this point.

Its so amazing how the technology has changed in just the three years since we had Allie. These are such good pictures! I can’t believe I’m halfway through pregnancy already. Just 5 months until Peyton joins us on the outside!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

One thought on “It’s a boy!

  1. So exciting! I love having the 20 week ultrasound so you can kind of “meet” the baby for the first time.

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