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I was back out on the road this morning… or more accurately, sidewalk.

It was a nice relaxed 4 miles. I got out there and it was different. I wasn’t worried about my speed. I wasn’t doubting myself. I was just running.

I think even if I didn’t admit it, I was pressuring myself for the half marathon. I suppose to some extent I kinda had to. Its not easy to run pregnant, let alone a half marathon at 20 weeks. But my motivation was definitely waning in the last weeks of training. I don’t suppose I pressured myself too badly though because I was raring to go this morning. I actually wanted to run the last two days, but I waited. I certainly don’t need any injuries now!

And while I usually need a race to train for to keep my motivation, this morning it felt rather refreshing to run without training for something. I wasn’t worried about my speed. I wasn’t in a hurry. I wasn’t trying to make a mileage goal for the week.

I accomplished my goal. I’ll continue running, but I’m OK with stopping whenever my body tells me to. Or at least, I’m telling myself I’m OK with stopping whenever my body tells me to!

Don’t get me wrong. This run was hard. My legs were still tired! Where I would normally be recovered from a race two or three days later, its definitely taken longer this week! I also had round ligament pain, in spite of my support belt. I ran through it though and it wasn’t continuous. I don’t know if I didn’t place the belt right or what. I’m sure its just going to happen. I’ve also been having round ligament pain more often just walking.

My “goal” now is just to maintain running enough to run the 5K turkey trot with my family on Thanksgiving. Hopefully that won’t be too difficult! Thats 5 weeks away and I’ll be 26 weeks by then. After that… who knows.

I’d also like to keep running outside as long as possible. Its so weird how late the sun comes up now! Its like this every year for me, just surreal when I get done stretching and go in house when the sun isn’t even peeking over the horizon yet. But anyway… the outside thing will depend on temperatures, since I’m a wimp, as well as my need for a bathroom!

I’ll be running three days a week and I’d like to log at least 15 miles a week. I had dropped to three days a week a couple weeks ago, but my mileage was still a little higher because of the long runs. I have no reason to run long anymore and I certainly don’t want to! I’m thinking I’d still run a little bit longer on the weekend, but probably no more than 6 or 7. I’m still kind of hanging on to my mileage goal. I won’t make it to 900, but my goal now is to pass 800, which is still more than I ran last year.

I’m going to cross train on what used to be my fourth running day. I didn’t do that after I dropped the fourth day while I was training because I knew I had to save my legs. Who knows… I may still find I need to save my legs. My legs are pretty tired tonight after cross training on the elliptical Tuesday, bodyflow yesterday and 4 miles this morning!

So I guess I am still “training” for something, but its definitely not a serious thing for sure. If I have to walk the 5K, I’ll walk it! And if I have to walk the 1-mile walk instead, so be it! I’m still moving!


Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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