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Well, actually I’m a little over halfway. I’ll be 22 weeks on Friday.

At just over halfway through, I’m feeling good! I had a doctor’s appointment on Monday and the biggest thing that makes me happy is I don’t have to increase my thyroid meds this month! So far my thyroid medicine has been increased three times since I’ve been pregnant. I get to have my thyroid tested every time I go to the doctor!

The other thing that is encouraging to me is that my weight seems more in control at this point. I’ve gained 17 pounds officially. I wrote in the blog last pregnancy that I was already up 25 pounds around 19 weeks. So I’m almost three weeks later and only up 17! And the number on the scale is 12 pounds less than it was at this time with Allie. My belly is measuring right where it should at 21 cm. Its supposed to be the same as the number of weeks, plus or minus two. With Allie I was always about plus four.

Running is definitely helping me this time. I’m going to remember this whenever I don’t want to run! My doctor told me Monday she remembered me being really tired throughout my first pregnancy. I don’t remember that. But I am feeling great this time. So running is helping with more than just my weight!

The only negative thing I have going on is I’m starting to have symphysis pubis dysfunction, or SPD. Its a common condition in pregnancy where the ligaments that hold the pelvic bone together get relaxed (like everything else) and it gets unstable and painful. Its not that bad yet and my doctor didn’t seem too concerned. I don’t know that running has caused it, my doctor said its more common in second pregnancies. Probably one of those things that happens because everything’s already been stretched out once. The good news is right now its not bad at all. I feel slight pain first thing in the morning and sometimes when I stand up after sitting for awhile. It hasn’t bothered my running or other activities. It could get worse, but the good news is it should go away after giving birth.

I guess it will just be filed with those things that I can mostly live with, like round ligament pain. Hopefully niether will get so bad that I have to restrict any activities.

Its so funny that time seems to be going to slow and so fast at the same time! Its so weird that I’m already nearly 22 weeks… but I still have 18 weeks to go! Some days I want those weeks to go super fast and other times I just want time to stop.

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

2 thoughts on “Halfway

  1. Glad you are feeling so good. I think I’m starting on the decline toward the point where I’m so ready to have the baby. Two nights ago I took a load of laundry upstairs to make the bed, and it took me about 2 minutes of gasping to catch my breath. Wow. It’s hard to imagine ever being in shape again. I also fluctuate between wanting time to speed up and have the baby come soon and wanting it to slow down so I feel more prepared for him to come.

    • Try carrying a 30+ pound toddler up the stairs! I try to get her to walk but she doesn’t want to! When I get to her room I can’t feel my legs and have to catch my breat for like 5 minutes. Doug’s going to have to eventually carry her if she doesn’t start walking up on her own.

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