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22 weeks… Where’d that belly come from?

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22 weeks, 2 days

OK yes, I’ve had a belly for awhile. But suddenly in less than a day, look how big and round its gotten! Seriously, it didn’t look like this yesterday.

I’ve definitely noticed a change through this week. Peyton’s kicking up higher, and harder, and more frequently. Friday he started kicking my bladder. I’m quite exhausted and at the same time sleeping is getting a bit more uncomfortable. Today I’ve learned the fun that comes from chasing after a toddler in later pregnancy, and I’ve still got 18 weeks to go! Allie likes to be carried up the stairs even though she’s capable of walking on her own. I try to have Dada carry her up the stairs now because I get winded just carrying myself up the stairs sometimes!

I got a bit of an ego boost today. I had my fall band concert this afternoon and hadn’t exactly planned what I would wear. I had a pair of black maternity pants that I really loved that I just can’t find. I knew there was a pair in the box my sister gave me, and thought I’d wear those. But they were still way too big. So in desperation I went for my regular black pants… that are a size 12. But they’re a bigger 12 and stretchy. Well, lucky me, they fit! I could even button them… but I chose not to because I knew that would be uncomfortable. And by the time I finally got to change into my comfy clothes later, I wasn’t going to try wearing them again. But its nice to know I could!

In spite of the bouts of tiredness, I’m still feeling good. With my 4.5-miler on the treadmill this afternoon I’ve officially run through 22 weeks of pregnancy. I wanted to run farther, but I ran short on time and I also wasn’t really feeling a longer run. I think I’m starting to officially let go of any kind of mileage goal. I guess I feel OK about that, but weird at the same time. I just keep telling myself I’m glad I’m even doing this!

Author: Jessica

I am a running working mama. We work hard and play hard and I have a lot to share along the way.

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