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Hello third tri!

So today marks the start of the third trimester and tomorrow marks three months until my due date. I can’t wait to meet my baby boy!

I’ve been feeling especially huge this week but my weight hasn’t changed much. My belly is getting in the way at my work desk. Its not too annoying yet, but I’m sure it will get worse as I get bigger. I’m not sure how I can modify my work station to remedy that. I’m not even sure if there are any resources to help me figure that out! At one time we had an ergonomic specialist here, but he retired and I don’t know if there’s someone else who can do that. It may be to my benefit to ask though.

With my run this morning, I’ve officially run through 27 weeks of pregnancy. I’m well past the point where I thought I’d still be running, so I’m thrilled with each run – even the bad ones. I changed it up this morning to start my run with a walk interval instead of running. I think that helped me warm up. Unfortunately I got really bad round ligament pain at the end. Up to now the round ligament pain has been at the beginning and gone away as I got warmed up. Perhaps this is a change or perhaps an isolated incident.

Either way, I feel like now even when its nice outside I should stay on the treadmill. If that round ligament pain I got around mile 3.5 had struck when I was out on a 5-mile route, I’d have to walk all the way home. I tried to keep running when the pain struck but while it goes away sometimes, it didn’t today. And the pain doesn’t always go away with walking. Not to mention I need to be close to the bathroom. And there’s always that fear of falling since I’m a klutz.

So treadmill it is… but treadmill or not, I’ll say again I’m still thrilled to be running.

Peyton is moving a lot, a lot more wiggly movements that tickle. I love it. I don’t remember really when things become uncomfortable, or when I needed to build up the fortress of pillows. I do remember more fatigue in the third trimester with Allie, and the frequent difficulty sleeping. I hope that doesn’t happen too much because since I’m working now, its not like I can sleep in or take a nap later to make up for it.

I had some swelling in my lower legs last night. I hope it was a one-time thing. I didn’t get swelling like that with Allie until after I gave birth. Hopefully it was just the Thanksgiving food from last week and the large amount of gatorade I drank when I was sick. I put an extra pillow under my legs while I slept last night and it went away.

Time is going so fast and I’m sure it won’t slow down as we enter the holidays. So by the time that whilewind is done, it will only be another month or two until we get to meet our Baby Peyton!

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Helpful Allie

This picture is a couple weeks old, but I never posted it and really wanted to. Allie got this Hello Kitty skirt and shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Durso for her birthday. She LOVES it, especially with her crazy tights and pretty shoes. This was the day we bought our car. It took a long time to get everything settled with the sale, so Doug had to go pick Allie up from daycare and bring her back to the dealership. She ran into the office where I was signing papers and starts shouting about her skirt and her pretty shoes. She was SO cute!

Allie is super helpful lately. Sometimes her “help” is more of a hindrance, but I’m always glad for it because there will come a day when she doesn’t want to help anymore. Last week she was talking about tying her shoes and she wanted to tie my shoes. Too bad she doesn’t know how to tie shoes yet, because Mama could use some help with that these days! She loves to help with putting away the dishes or putting dishes in the dishwasher… usually its the silverware and half of it ends up on the floor, but I let her do it. Tonight when we got home from work, after taking off her coat she helped Mama take off her coat and Dada as well. She always helps to mix when I’m making pancakes or french toast on the weekends and also sets the table for those breakfasts too. I love it.

I am feeling much larger today than I did yesterday. My appetite came back with a vengeance today though, so I’m not really sure if I actually did expand overnight or if my belly will go down with the bloating. I noticed today for the first time that my belly is in the way when I’m sitting at my desk at work. I’m not really sure how I could modify my workstation in order to work the next three months. Any other Mamas out there have any suggestions?

We’re still not quite over the great Thanksgiving flu bug of 2012. Allie finally ate a decent dinner tonight and as I mentioned above, my appetite came back in a big way today. But poor Dada is still feeling bad. He ate the wrong thing at lunch today and it paying for it now. Poor Dada. Allie and I made macaroni and cheese for our dinner tonight and after we were done, we went upstairs to entertain Dada with some singing and general goofy-ness…. something thats never in short supply when Allie’s around!

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26 weeks

25 weeks, 6 days. Yes this was after Thanksgiving dinner, but long enough that I do think this is my representative belly and not a turkey, potatoes and pie belly.

This is a few days late. Remember the bug Allie had over the weekend? Mama came down with it too. I stayed home today and was joined around 11 by Dada, who is now sick as well. Apparently this is going around more places than just our house. We’re kind of a sad bunch this afternoon. Right now we’re trying to get one of us up and around enough to go pick up Allie. I’m pretty sure that will end up being me. I’ve managed to eat a few bites throughout the day and I understand why Allie gets so mad when all we let her eat is applesauce and toast when she’s sick! I’m starving but pacing myself as the toast I just ate isn’t making me feel as terrible as this morning or last night, but I’m definitely not recovered.

But on to the pregnancy update…

I’ve been thinking for awhile about how much better I feel about myself this pregnancy. Its definitely helping that I’m not gaining weight as rapidly as last time, but I think my wardrobe has helped a lot too. You just feel better in nicer clothes! This outfit in this picture was all bought at Goodwill, which I didn’t discover until right at the end of my pregnancy with Allie. Between the finds I’ve gotten at Goodwill and the clothes I borrowed from my sister Jeni, I feel so much more confident about how I look right now.

Its so funny that the clothes I preferred last time are not at all what I like this time, though I think that was influenced by what I could get last time. I had all the full panel maternity pants with Allie but this time those pants make my belly itch. Most of my pants are lower waistbands and they are so much more comfy! I didn’t have any full length maternity jeans last time because maternity jeans cost like $60, and we couldn’t afford at the time (I had a couple full length pants that lasted just long enough since I wasn’t pregnant in the winter). Enter Goodwill, where a week ago I got two pairs of jeans and two shirts for only $24! Woo hoo! And I also preferred the big tent shirts last time. Now I don’t mind showing off my belly a little!

I think I have a good wardrobe now and should be good for the rest of pregnancy, except maybe for sweaters and a coat. The coat that fits me now is not warm enough. That might be a Goodwill trip. And I think I’ll have to buy a sweater or two new. The Goodwill maternity section isn’t huge… in fact I’m pretty sure the shirt I’m wearing in the picture was there the first time I went maternity shopping there a few months ago, so I don’t expect to find sweaters there.

Other than the wardrobe aspect, there hasn’t been a whole lot new in the last couple weeks. While I’m starting to doubt how much more I can run, I still do have the occasional great run. Saturday was one of those where I had the time and almost no round ligament pain and ran 5 miles on the treadmill at a bit faster than my average pace! Of course then I decided to push my luck and run again Sunday (before I got sick) and barely made it a mile because the round ligament pain was so bad. Oh well, I’ll keep running if I can still have the great ones once in awhile.

Peyton kicks a ton. He’s getting big enough that he’s starting to do the alien impersonation on my belly. I can’t believe the third trimester starts this Friday! It feels like I just got my positive test yesterday! We got our first baby boy clothes from Jeni on Thursday, but I haven’t gotten to look at them yet. We need to figure out where to put them! I want to start nesting, but its too soon for that, and we’re too busy. I don’t think we’ll do too much preparation until after the holidays are over.

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The Durso family feast v. 2012

The day after Thanksgiving was still Thanksgiving for the Dursos! We like to make our own Thanksgiving meal and put up the Christmas tree on the Friday after Thanksgiving. The day started with a French toast breakfast, and while Mama was cleaning up the kitchen, Allie and Dada started putting the tree together.

This was a good learning exercise for her. The branches are color-coded. Allie had a lot of fun putting the branches in piles and then putting them up on the tree.

And then after the tree was done, it was time to make the pie!

I love making pie crust, even though it doesn’t usually turn out pretty. And Allie had a lot of fun watching. She even helped!

After the crust was done, it was time to make the pie itself… always pumpkin for us! Allie thought it was really cool watching the mixer. After the pie went in the oven, Allie went to bed. And once the pie was finally done (it always takes a really long time to bake a pumpkin pie in our oven), it was time to put in the turkey! We started the turkey later than I wanted because I had helped with the tree. But I still thought in putting the turkey in the oven at 2, we’d be eating around 5:30. That didn’t quite happen.

I made my own stuffing and didn’t start it on time. Meanwhile, the turkey was done before I got the stuffing in the oven, and the stuffing was supposed to bake for one hour. Oops! We ended up just leaving the turkey a longer rest time and it was still good!

This is the part that Dada always looks forward to the most. We had a big turkey for him to carve! Almost 13 pounds! It actually worked out better with the turkey being out of the oven earlier, so there was space in the oven for the stuffing and green bean cassarole. While those baked I did the corn and gravy and then it was done!

As much as I would have liked to have wine in those wine glasses, it was sparkling grape juice. So remember how I thought we’d be eating at 5:30? We didn’t actually sit down to our meal until almost 7. But it was worth the wait!

Our menu:
-Turkey that we just roasted according to the package directions. I like to try something new each year. Maybe one of these years I’ll try something fancy with the turkey.
Sausage Bread Filling, sooooo good! I had considered not making it because of the potential space conflict in the oven, but I’m so glad I did! I’m keeping this one for next year.
Green Bean Cassarole, the usual, but it actually turned out better than it has in past years! I had missed on the recipe that the green beans were supposed to be cooked first! I made a lighter version that tasted just the same as the regular.
-White corn
-Mashed potatoes with gravy I made from the gravy packet.
Garlic Buttermilk Biscuits, these are good, but maybe not for Thanksgiving. They didn’t quite match, but were a good addition anyway. This was what I tried new this year.
-Leftover cheesy potatoes from Thursday’s meal, made by my sister Jeni.
-Leftover cranberries from Thursday’s meal. Doug doesn’t like cranberries so I hadn’t bought any of my own.
-Welch’s sparkling white grape juice.

And later… pumpkin pie with whipped cream and egg nog for Dada and chocolate mint milk for Mama.

Allie was really looking forward to putting the ornaments on the tree. I thought she didn’t eat much for dinner just because she was more excited about the Christmas ornaments. It turns out she didn’t eat much because she was getting sick… but I’m sure the ornaments were part of it too!

We didn’t actually put ornaments on the tree last year. I don’t remember when we had our Durso family feast, but it didn’t include trimming the tree all the way. Then we never really got around to it and figured Allie would mess with the ornaments anyway. So we did the ornaments and then finished out the evening watching Mr. Popper’s Penguins. We only saw the second half but really enjoyed it, so much so that the movie wasn’t over until 9:30… and Allie was still up. Oops! So as a result, Mama got to sleep until 8 a.m. two days in a row!

And silly Mama didn’t take a picture of the trimmed tree. I’ll have to get one to post another time.

Unfortunately this morning we found out the real reason Allie didn’t eat much yesterday as she threw up a few times. Perhaps the episode Thursday was isolated or it was the start of this bug. It was just so weird how she threw up Thursday morning and then ate a ton of food later on Thursday. Then she seemed completely fine yesterday. But this morning she wasn’t, poor kid. We watched another good movie before naptime, Dolphin Tale. We have a free preview of movie channels this weekend! Then Allie slept almost four hours. She really wanted to eat, so we let her and luckily haven’t had any of it come back up. After a bath, some cheerios for dinner, cranky Allie and then lovey Allie, I think she’s over the bug… hopefully!

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Our holiday

We had a fun time hanging out with my family at Grandma and Grandpa Swanson’s house yesterday. Everyone was there except for my brother Jon and his family. Grandma coordinated a huge and awesome dinner. Even though I was full, I had almost a full plate of seconds! Then we just hung out watching football and bantering back and forth. Allie of course enjoyed visiting with Baby Tyler. She had a lot of fun once she warmed up to everyone, though that took a couple hours.

Grandma gave Allie a couple sheets of stickers that she’d had laying around. I tried to get Allie to save some for later, but instead she walked around giving everyone a couple stickers each. But then there were still a lot of stickers and she ended up by the couch where Mama, Dada and Aunt Jocelyn were sitting. So we all got a bunch of stickers on our hands and shirts. And then someone suggested Baby Peyton wanted a sticker. Well, he got a bunch of stickers!

If this is any indication, Allie sure loves her baby brother!

We stayed pretty late and by the time we left to go home, Allie was really tired. She stayed awake in the car longer than we expected, but she did fall asleep. And she barely woke up when we got her out of the car and I carried her upstairs to put on her jammies and go to bed. She was one tired kid! So tired, she slept until 8 this morning! I couldn’t tell you the last time Allie slept until 8. So Mama and Dada slept in too and Mama missed spin class. It was worth it!

Now I’m making our family Thanksgiving meal. We put together the Christmas tree this morning and are about to put lights up. The holiday season has started! Allie was so helpful putting the tree up and then she helped me make the pumpkin pie. Its been so nice, but also kind of weird, just staying home today! I’m looking forward to our meal, but I’m a little bummed I’m not sure I can make the stuffing. The timing doesn’t work right in order to fit it in the oven. But we’ll see!

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Thanksgiving race curse

Well, I thought the Berbee Derby was just a bad luck race for me. I’ve entered that race three times and only run it once. But apparently any Thanksgiving Day race is cursed. We were going to do the NorthPointe Health & Wellness Turkey Trot with the rest of my family today, but before we were out of Madison, poor Allie threw up in the car!

So we had to turn around and head home, and my second and final race of pregnancy was my third-ever DNS… did not start. My three DNS races have all been Thanksgiving!

The good news is the puke seems to have been a one-time incident. It seemed just like she just burped and it came up. Allie wanted to play when we got home, before I even cleaned her up! We hung out at home for a couple hours while we washed the car seat cover and kept an eye out for any sick symptoms. Allie still wanted to go to the race, but we had to explain to her that we missed it! She ended up being fine, we did get to head down to Rockton for Thanksgiving dinner and she ate a ton. And we had a fun time hanging out and goofing off as a family. I just hope Allie doesn’t end up really sick tomorrow!

After I was sure Allie was doing fine, I did get my own little turkey trot in… 3 miles in the unseasonably warm and quite windy outdoors, wearing my running for two shirt! I’m a little bigger than I was last time I wore this shirt six weeks ago! It was also a lot slower than I was running six weeks ago.

I’m a little disappointed that I didn’t get to race today. I’m also disappointed that I missed my little sister Jocelyn’s first 5K! There are a few other races the next few weeks that I suppose I could consider if I feel up to it. But I think my pregnancy races are done. Quite honestly, I feel like I’m winding down on the running, at least mileage-wise. I decided my goal after the turkey trot is to run through the end of the year. With five more weeks in the year, I’ll be about 31 weeks along. That may be a little ambitious, but we’ll see!

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Running at 25 weeks and other news

Its been uncomfortable the last few weeks. But I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where I can manage the discomfort and still run. I’ve finally slowed myself down. It seems I get round ligament pain the worst in the first mile or so. But if I walk a little and then get going again slow, I can usually get warmed up and keep going. I’ve even managed to run a few times for longer times. And yesterday I even managed to run with almost no round ligament pain!

While I believe I have plenty of miles left in me before Peyton comes, I have decreased the amount. Partly because I don’t think its a good idea to run two days in a row and partly because I’ve gotten so much slower. I have to get up a bit earlier if I want to get 5 miles in before work. Yesterday I thought I had set my alarm earlier, but I ended up getting up late so I only had time for 3 miles. So I’m running three days a week and hoping to get 15 miles per week. But I also ran 7.5 miles last weekend and got super sore after. So the miles are limited, but at least I’m still running! Every time I get frustrated with my low miles or my dwindling speed, I just remind myself that I couldn’t do this at all when I was pregnant with Allie!

Thursday I’m running a turkey trot with my family. Some are running the 5K, some are walking 5K and some are walking 1 mile. We’ve gotten together for the Berbee Derby in Madison a few times, but I think this will be more fun because its a smaller race, its cheaper and there are more opportunities for everyone to participate! I’ll be running 5K, but I don’t care about keeping to my intervals or my time. I’m looking forward to running with my sisters!

In other news… I wrote my last post Thursday while I was in my doctors office waiting during the two-hour glucose tolerance test. I was able to find out before I left that I passed! I don’t have gestational diabetes! I was a little nervous about this test, partly because with how my clinic does it now I only had one chance. But it turns out I didn’t have to worry! My results were even lower than the normal reference range… I don’t think thats a concern because the nurse practitioner told me if there was a concern I’d get a call, and I didn’t get a call!

When all my test results were posted to my chart later, I also found out I don’t have to increase my thyroid medicine again!

The nurse practitioner did lecture me a little about my weight gain, but it didn’t bother me because I don’t think my regular doctor wouldn’t have. I am doing better on the weight front this time. I’m officially up 25 pounds at 25 weeks while I was up that much between 18 and 19 weeks with Allie. So I consider it a victory to reach that point six to seven weeks later this time. Not to mention I’m pretty sure I won’t gain 40 pounds in the next 15 weeks, so I shouldn’t gain as much as last time. Of course that doesn’t mean I can completely let myself go… though that will be difficult going into the holidays! And its also difficult since I’m hungry all the time.

I’m already carrying high like I did with Allie, evidenced by my belly measuring right on four weeks ago and then measuring 3 cm bigger on Thursday. Peyton moving up high combined with my acid reflux will make breathing more uncomfortable. But the discomforts are totally worth it!

Peyton is getting more active. He tends to kick in the same spots and sometimes it starts to feel a little raw after awhile. That will get uncomfortable after awhile, but even then I know I will love it. He’s kicking hard enough that I can sometimes see it from the outside. I think Allie could feel him kick, but she doesn’t usually wait long enough. I’m sure she’ll feel the kicks soon enough!

I’m starting to think more about the actual birth and to remember… I had my first braxton-hicks contraction last night. I do know they tend to start sooner with subsequent pregnancies and I know they aren’t usually a concern. But it was definitely a reminder of what I have to look forward to! We’re getting to the point where I want to be able to plan more, but I still really can’t. But we still have plenty of time!